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Pataudi's daughter named custodian of trust

Pataudi's daughter named custodian of trust

Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board has officially designated Saba Ali Khan as Mutawalli of Aukaf-e-Shahi Trust.

Bhopal: After the death of her father Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, his youngest daughter Saba Ali Khan has been officially designated as the custodian of a trust that takes care of huge properties spread from Bhopal to Saudi Arabia, official sources said on Sunday.

Madhya Pradesh Wakf Board, after receiving a letter of request from Saba for claiming the post, has officially designated her as Mutawalli of Aukaf-e-Shahi Trust, they said.

The huge properties that comes under the royal trust include grand mosques, religious structures, the famous dargah of Sufi saint Baba Peer Fatehullah at Raisen, charitable institutions, graveyards and the Rubaats (shelters) for Haj

pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier, when late Pataudi had visited Bhopal few months back, he had named Saba as his Naib Mutawalli (deputy) and took her around all the properties which she was supposed to look after in his absence.

Though these assets are worth billions of rupees, they are Wakf properties and therefore her role will be more of a supervisory nature, the sources added.

first published:October 02, 2011, 14:41 IST