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Plot thickens around Patna murder

Plot thickens around Patna murder

A senior Tata Indicom executive was assaulted and thrown out of a 10th floor apartment building.

New Delhi: A senior executive of Tata Indicom met a gruesome end on Sunday, when he was thrown out of a 10th floor flat window by 'intruders'.

Suresh Mahto had gone to Patna to meet Sadhna Srivastava, member (judicial) of the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT), at her White House-based residence.

Mahto - whose wife died sometime ago - had come to meet Srivastava in response to a matrimonial advertisement she had put in a paper. Srivastava is a spinster.

He was with Srivastava in the afternoon when the intruders barged into her house. They were carrying pistols - later discovered to be toy pistols - which they brandished at Mahto and Srivastava.

The men apparently wanted the copy of an order signed from Srivastava and Rs 15 lakh which she had supposedly received from a suspended director-general (home guards), Narayan Mishra.

The men allegedly also wanted Srivastava and Mahto to pose nude for them. When the duo refused to do what was wanted of them, the men attacked them and there was a violent scuffle, during which Mahto was thrown off the building.

The people who saw Mahto's dead body claim that he was only wearing his underwear.

The only eyewitness to the entire incident is Srivastava's domestic help, Jaggan. Jaggan had come to work for Srivastava just a week ago. He allegedly told the police that he simply opened the door when the doorbell rang and opened then intruders barged into the house.

One of the intruders has been identified as a notorious criminal -Anil Singh - who is the son of a police constable who was said to be close to Narayan Mishra.

Anil Singh is said to be involved in sex trafficking, extortion and blackmailing rackets and had recently come out of jail.

The other intruder - Pawan Singh - is a known offender and was arrested after he fractured his leg during the scuffle.

A case of disproportionate assets is pending against Mishra, who had challenged his suspension before CAT but the tribunal turned down his appeal. On Monday, police again interrogated the Mishra for over four hours.

Mishra, predictably, denied his involvement in the murder and has demanded a CBI enquiry.

Sources have said that some top officials - including a DGP - have been questioned in connection to the case. Though officials are tight-lipped about the case, they admit that there could be more than what meets the eye.

(With inputs from agencies)