PM Modi Likely to Avoid Tall Promises in Final Independence Day Speech Before 2019 Polls

PM Modi Likely to Avoid Tall Promises in Final Independence Day Speech Before 2019 Polls

Sources say that PM Modi’s message on Independence Day will be loud and clear that “whatever he had promised earlier, it has been delivered”.

Amitabh Sinha
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As the nation celebrates 72 years of Independence and PM Narendra Modi gives final touches to his eagerly awaited Independence Day speech, the people of the country can only guess what lies in store. It is difficult to predict what the PM is going to say as ‘leak-proof’ system has been a trademark of the present government.

All that sources have to say is that the speech will be centered on the development plank.

Sources said that PM Modi’s message will be loud and clear that “whatever he had promised earlier, it has been delivered”. This being the last speech of the present government, sources say PM Modi will go all out to set the momentum for Mission 2019.

With his trademark colourful Rajasthani Safa, which PM Modi has worn ever since his first flag hoisting at the Red Fort in 2014, he will be focused on theme of unity in diversity. PM Modi will try to give the message that whatever was promised by his government, he has tried to fulfill it with full honesty.

Sources further point out that the PM is likely to desist from making any tall claims and promises. The only promise that PM Narendra Modi is likely to make is to extend the health insurance scheme under Ayushman Bharat to each and every poor household. The Prime Minister assessed the Ayushman Bharat scheme last week to make it foolproof when implemented.

Sources says that the entire speech of Prime Minister will focus on four-five core sectors In which the government believes it has done well. He will also explain the government policies and achievements in these sectors.


This is a major area of concern for the PM as opposition is training its guns on it accusing the administration of providing fake data on employment. Sources added that PM Modi will try to put the record straight and give the message that employment opportunities have increased under the NDA regime.


Of late, the Modi government has drawn a lot of flak on farmers’ issues. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has even called the Modi government anti-farmer.

It is believed that the PM will use this occasion of the 72nd Independence Day to reject opposition claims and talk about sops he has given to the farmers in the last couple of months. PM Modi will also reiterate his commitment to the welfare of farmers. After all, rural households are the primary focus of the Modi government after Rahul Gandhi called it a “Suit Boot ki Sarkar”.


Zero tolerance towards corruption has been one of the key promises of the Modi government who has always claimed that there has not been a single such complaint against his government in these four years. Sources say that PM Modi is likely to focus on the shortcomings of the previous UPA rule that was marred in massive corruption. He is also likely to claim that his government has put a full stop to all scams and his government will leave no stone unturned to bring the fugitives back to country and punish them.


A dream of PM Modi. The PM launched this campaign with much fanfare in the first year of his tenure. It’s a dream that has become a mass movement in the country. Sources say this will definitely feature in PM’s speech, especially the target to make India Open Defecation-Free by the time the country celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.


The ever growing smooth highways, freight corridor, air traffic has seen substantial growth, so it is not possible that PM Modi will skip mentioning the infrastructure sector.


Along with these core sectors, PM will further speak on cross-border terrorism and how security forces have successfully foiled infiltration as well as shelling by Pakistani forces.

Sources say, PM Modi may also speak on expectations from the new government in Pakistan.

To sum up, we can say that focus will be on development and how his government has been successful in fulfilling the promises that were made. Therefore, wait for a few hours till 7.30 am on August 15 and see how the election fever catches up in the country.

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