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Poorna on entering the big competitive world

Poorna on entering the big competitive world

Poorna highly professional from her experience in ad world consisting of lovely behavior chatted with Indiaglitz.

Right attitude, looks are not only the assets of this budding actress Poorna. She has come at the right time to tinsel town. Finished the education in Electronics Engineering and gathered too good attention in ad world and now she is on the big screen in a very big competitive world.

Poorna highly professional from her experience in ad world consisting of lovely behavior was in conversation with IndiaGlitz at Green House Raj Milan the favorite spot for all film press meets.

Here is Poorna on various topics in a brief interview:

Good mileage in ad world and good money too, why are you taking a leap into films?

The range is too big in cinema. The reach is big and I have right requirements.

You have been in Mumbai for long. Have you been noticed in Bollywood?

Yes. I have done a tomboyish role in 'Tees Pakka' (30 percent) of Aruna Irani productions. It is a good role and suits my nature.

What is nature related to this cinema?

I am an avid watcher of Tamil films especially that of Suriya and Vijay. I have watched more Tamil films and Rajinikanth's 'Sivaji' I have watched for 15 times.

Are you so much free to watch films?

No. I have done what I wanted to do by my parents. Finished my engineering in the electronic division and while studying I took up various advertisements. I have taken part with actress Asin in Big Bazaar ads.

Your roots seem to be in South India?

You are right. I am from Brahmin Iyer family. My grand parents lived in Thirunelveli. My father Mr Natarajan moved to Mumbai long ago for import and export business. My mother Padma is a school teacher. My father is a big fan of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan films.

With engineering in Electronics you worked somewhere?

I was an employee of TCS for two and half years. I have traveled widely on my assignments abroad too.

Where do you see Tamil films in Mumbai?

I get calls from PVR whenever Tamil films are released. So my tickets are booked. Some time I go with my sister Aishwarya who is a big fan of films than me.

Have you seen Kannada films?

I can understand Kannada even speak a few words. I have watched some of the films of Puneeth Rajakumar.

Do you like any of the heroines personally?

Among all heroines in Hindi I like Priyanka Chopra.

What is your top priority as of now?

I am waiting for a big break. I am open for films now. I look for good opportunities. I have finished my task for my parents by educating first and now ability to stand on my own legs.