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India Continues to Protest against Telangana Vet's Rape-Murder, DCW Chief's Hunger Strike from Today

Protests against the rape and murder case in Telangana

Protests against the rape and murder case in Telangana

Raising slogans like 'We want justice' and holding placards that read 'Hang the rapists', the protesters condemned the incident.

Hyderabad/New Delhi: Members of the civil society gathered at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on Monday and protested against the brutal rape and murder of a young veterinary doctor in Hyderabad, joining many others demanding justice for her across the country.

Wearing black bands, around 70 people led by Congress leader Amrita Dhawan took to the streets and carried placards that read "we want justice" and "hang the rapists".

Congress MP Revanth Reddy also joined the protest at Jantar Mantar and demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi talk about the incident.

"Nirbhaya's rapists have still not been hanged. It's been seven years now. Modiji might have been successful in implementing 'Beti Bachao, Beti Badhao' but has been unsuccessful in providing security to women."

"You tweet about happenings across the country. It's been six days since the Hyderabad incident. Why has the PM not tweeted yet?" Reddy said.

At this time, PM Modi should have assured people, the lawmaker said.

The veterinary doctor, who worked at a state-run hospital, was raped and killed by four men, all lorry workers, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. Her charred body was found under a culvert in the city's Shadnagar area on Thursday and the accused were arrested a day later.

Meanwhile, Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chief Swati Maliwal will sit on an indefinite hunger strike at Jantar Mantar from tomorrow to protest against incidents of rape which have been reported in the last few days from different parts of the country.

The students of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) also took out a candle light vigil in support of the rape victim. The students also handed over a memorandum to the authorities demanding implementation of recommendations made by the Justice Verma Committee.

Speaking to news18, Sumayyah Khan, a student of BA LLB, said, "Another important demand made by AMU students is to the Censor Board, asking them not to give certificates to those movies which depict women in a sensuous manner, and have dialogues which are patriarchal in nature."

Dhawan, the organiser of the protest at Jantar Mantar, said, "I am organising this protest not as a politician but as a member of the civil society who is concerned about what is happening in our society. Why did we need another Nirbhaya-like incident to talk about how unsafe women are?"

She said the judicial system has to ensure speedy justice, so that victims' families get some solace.

"Nirbhaya's rapists are still in jail and have not been hanged. Those in jail are living their life, getting food and sleep but what about the families of the victims, whose lives are ruined forever," she said.

Cries of 'we want justice', 'we are ashamed that your killers are alive' resonated at the protest site as people demanded justice for the Hyderabad victim and other women who faced such crimes.

Aditi Purohit, a student of Delhi University's Hansraj College, broke down while shouting the slogans.

"This is my first time in a protest. I am here because, just like a woman who stays in Delhi away from home, the issue affects me and my family."

Purohit, who hails from Jhansi, said her parents regularly call her and ask her to be back in hostel by 5 pm. "They start crying if my phone is switched off even for five minutes. What are women supposed to do?"

Meanwhile, activists from Left-backed organisations also protested against the heinous incident and demanded justice for the victim.

CPI national general secretary, Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy deplored the gruesome murder and rape of the woman. He said that he met the parents of the woman to console them after the deplorable incident.

Kawalpreet Kaur, Delhi president of All India Students' Association, said, "It is not the mistake of women if they are raped. Women are blamed when such incidents happen. Why are we not talking about the fact that had there been a good public transport system, she would not have been travelling on her scooter. Victim shaming has to end."

Raising anti-government slogans and demanding stringent punishment for the accused, the groups protested outside the Parliament Street police station.

Anjali, a protester, said rape culture is also promoted in Bollywood movies.

"Why are there no curfew timings for men in hostels? Only women have to face them. Bollywood promotes rape culture and movies like Kabir Singh promote how it is okay if a man hits a woman," she added.

Supriya Pandey, a make-up artiste, was holding a solo protest at Jantar Mantar.

Holding placards demanding punishment for rapists, she said, "I am groped and molested almost every day in Delhi buses. Nobody takes my permission before touching me. Why do I need permission to protest? Giving freebies to women will not help but ensuring safety for them will."

Protests are being held in several other cities across the country, including Telangana.

Students of two top West Bengal universities held separate protests in Kolkata on Monday, demanding prompt conviction and action in rape cases.

(With inputs from PTI, Qazi Faraz Ahmad in Lucknow and Venkatesh Hakimpet in Hyderabad)