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Qazis in Darul Qaza to Now Get Lessons in Indian Constitution

Qazis in Darul Qaza to Now Get Lessons in Indian Constitution

Members of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board said terms such as 'Islamic court' and 'Sharia court' should not be used to refer to Darul Qaza.

Lucknow: In a first, the members of All India Muslim Personal Law Board's (AIMPLB) have decided that qazis appointed at Darul Qaza (Shariat courts) will now be given lessons in the Indian constitution.

On Thursday, the third and final day of Darul Qaza conference organised by AIMPLB, the highest decision making body on Muslim affairs, in Aishbagh Eidgah, it was decided that apart from Islamic knowledge, the qazis will learn about the various articles related to Muslim community in the constitution. They also decided that that the words ‘adaalat’ and ‘court’ will no longer be used to refer to Darul Qaza.

“The qazis appointed in the Darul Qaza will now be trained in the knowledge of articles of Indian constitution which deal with the Muslim community. Darul Qaza has nothing to do with the judicial system of the country. These are places where issues that are not sub-judice are resolved by mediation. The complainants are not bound by the decision of the Darul-Qaza and are free to go to a court if not satisfied. However, the number of cases going to court after mediation at Darul Qaza is quite low,” said said senior advocate and AIMPLB secretary Zafaryab Jilani.

“Also, Darul Qaza should be referred as just that in all languages and terms such as Islamic Court or Sharia Court should not be used as they give out a wrong message to the world. These words make it seem like Muslims have a parallel judicial system of their own, which is not correct,” Jilani added.

There are 19 Darul Qaza in Uttar Pradesh, 33 in Maharashtra, four in Rajasthan, two in Madhya Pradesh, two in Delhi and one each in Goa, Punjab and Karnataka. Most cases that are brought here constitute of family and domestic issues.

AIMPLB member Khalid Rasheed Farangi Mahali said that some people have been trying to defame these Shariat courts. “The Darul Qaza have been working inside the constitutional framework. Although there are some forces which have been defaming them and spreading misconceptions. The truth is that most issues that are brought to Darul Qaza are solved without hassle,” he said.

first published:March 02, 2019, 00:02 IST