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Raaz 3: Witness a new, improved Emraan Hashmi

Raaz 3: Witness a new, improved Emraan Hashmi

Emraan Hashmi is no more a plain serial kisser. Once again, the actor is ready to surprise the viewers in 'Raaz 3'.

New Delhi: A well crafted image kept the spotlight on him during his initial acting days, and now he is in the process of becoming a star with his thinking cap on. Emraan Hashmi talks about his role and expectations from ‘Raaz 3’.

Q: Lately, you seem desperate to come out of your typical image.

A: I have always been open to experimentation; it’s just that I wait for the right director, who is really intelligent to give the film a right view. Dibakar was great for ‘Shanghai’, so I would wait for the right person.

Q: Didn’t you take a long time in realising this?

A: Better late than never. I have had good, successful films, then I had directors who ere endorsing me in a different way. A new set of films started emerging and then Dibakar came with ‘Shanghai’. Filmmakers need to see potential in you, like ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai’ broke that for me. A new dimension of my personality came out in ‘The Dirty Picture’.

Q: Probably you want to build a distinct image now.

A: No particular image. I react on the script basis, if I find the character interesting or I feel the audience is going to like it then I go for a film. But there is no larger goal, I don’t know what I want to do till I read it on paper.

Q: But, most of your films feature you as a bad boy with a good heart.

A: These characters, by default, are more believable. There had to be redemption in the end because that makes great cinema. There is a man who makes mistakes, who is a bad boy, but when you see his point of view you find him believable. He is not a uni-dimensional character in my films anymore.

Q: Is Bipasha going to steal the show in ‘Raaz 3’?

A: The spotlight doesn’t remain on just one person in a film. The film has got a story, characters, there is a progression of things, so everyone is doing their job, and that contributes to the film.

In ‘Raaz 3’, a film director is caught between two heroines; slowly the spineless, submissive director emerges as the hero.

Q: Recently, a shift has been seen in your acting skills. Now, you’re giving more edge to the other characters, like you did in ‘Jannat 2’.

A: You need to give someone the edge if you have to portray a timid character. Unfortunately, most of the actors always want to be dominating in every scene, that’s not acting. If I am scared of someone, I need to show that. You don’t need to be James Bond in every scene, 90% of the actors have this personal need of fulfilling a macho image that they want to portray. If I am being overpowered by someone in the same frame then I will let the other actor overpower me. So, there is no personal agenda.

I think all three principal actors, if the film fails then one person takes the spotlight (Laughs). Unless you have a traditional hero-villain film, you are going to see different character arcs.

You make it more believable, more relatable, right! Films are about bunch of characters and their motivations, not just about one person. For example, how do you show a timid director who is spineless, who has never taken a stand in life, how would you see the change in his life. To let the graph go up, one needs to be timid initially.

‘Murder 2’ was a stronger character; also it was very dominating in the first half.

I predominantly started off with a mass following, that is still there, but I now want to break into multiplex audiences as well.

Q: Why all the good songs are in your films only?

A: (Laughs) I have no idea. I just think that I was a music director in my last life or I think the music directors get petrified while giving music for my films because the standard is so high and thus they deliver their 500%.

Q: ‘Rush’ is your next release, right?

A: There is ‘Ghanchakkar’, ‘Dayan’, ‘Rush’. ‘Rush’ is going to be the next release in October. It’s a different character of an investigative journalist who becomes a news anchor.


first published:September 06, 2012, 11:01 IST