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'Ragini MMS 2' review: It might be smarter to market this unintentionally hilarious movie as a spoof instead

'Ragini MMS 2' review: It might be smarter to market this unintentionally hilarious movie as a spoof instead

'Ragini MMS 2' is less a movie and more a product and has no creative vision.

'Ragini MMS 2' is less a movie and more a product. Not only does the film have no creative vision, this is a design-by-committee movie out to do one thing and one thing only - make money. Even before you see the names of the creative personnel, you see names of the marketing heads and executives.

This movie is devised from a formula that if you litter sexually charged scenes with horror and comedy you get a winner. Unfortunately for cinema lovers, this movie is nothing but a big slap in the face.

'Ragini MMS 2' has some of the worst acting and is cluttered with cheesy lines and half-baked characters. The brain dead plot revolves around Sunny Leone, who plays herself, being cast in a movie that will retell the tale of the original Ragini MMS tragedy. Along with her is the sleazy producer/director Rocks (Parvin Dabas), another sleazy actor Karan (Karan Mehra), a wannabe actress Monali (Sandhya Mridul) and a brooding bearded writer Satya (Saahil Prem).

In one laughable scene, Sunny sighs with disappointment as she confides in another character how she only got the role because of her body and not her acting talent. She then walks around the haunted mansion in lacy lingerie because apparently that's what women do. What I don't understand is why Sunny, who is an established adult film star in real life and this movie, needs to justify her innocence. Regardless, her performance is so awkward that it made me cringe - this might be the first time an actor has performed so poorly while playing themselves!

All the men around Sunny keep passing awfully contrived lines. When Sunny fends off the producer's advances, the man says "Ye porno se Rituporno kaise ban gayi?" This is right after he instructs his assistant to leave Sunny's dressing room with "ankhe bandh kar, tune cheque likha hai kya?". Karan, her co-actor in the film, catches Sunny walking into a forest and promptly runs into his room and pulls out a pack of Manforce condoms (product placement anyone?) and yells "aaj main tujhe apna man force dikhaoonga!" I could feel the entire theatre cringe.

The music in the movie is also formulaic like everything else. A romantic song ensues between Sunny and Satya but it falls flat on its face because of how uncomfortable Sunny looks. The horror scenes are laughable and leave you underwhelmed with 'chudails' (female ghosts) popping in and out and yelling into people's faces every 15 minutes. One specific moment had a 'chudail' yelling expletives left me in splits! The sex was more cringe worthy than arousing.

Besides Sunny's expected cleavage and posterior show, two men touched themselves and Sunny and Sandhya Mridul had an anti-climactic lip lock. If sex is why you're doing to see this movie I'd suggest saving the cash and logging onto your computer instead.

The bottomline: Ragini MMS 2 is being touted as a 'horrex' movie - a combination of horror and sex. Although you wouldn't be too far off if you thought it stood for horrible sex. It might be smarter to market this movie as a spoof instead.

first published:March 21, 2014, 19:53 IST