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Rahul Gandhi has visited him at his home but Salman won't take political help to promote films

Rahul Gandhi has visited him at his home but Salman won't take political help to promote films

In his recent interview to Rajat Sharma, Salman spoke about his equation with SRK, Saifai controversy, and a lot more.

New Delhi: From making peace with rival Shah Rukh Khan and hugging him at an award function to hailing 'good man' Narendra Modi, star Salman Khan has been using virtually every strategy to promote 'Jai Ho'. While the film has failed to get a bumper opening, his perspective on Indian politicos and the bond he shares with them continue to make headlines.

In his recent interview to Rajat Sharma ('Aap Ki Adaalat'), Salman Khan not only spoke about his equation with Shah Rukh Khan, Saifai controversy, but also explained why 'Jai Ho' can't be called a topical film.

Remember, the reaction which SRK-Salman hug at MLA Baba Siddiqui'e Iftar party in Mumbai had generated? While everybody thought the two warring stars weren't interested in putting an end to their feuds, the most talked about dispute in the film industry, they shocked everyone when they greeted each other and shared another hug at an award function recently. When asked about the so-called feud with Shah Rukh, Salman told Rajat, "Takraar nahi thi. Bahut zyaada pyaar tha. Aur ek kaafi waqt ke liye uss sey bhi zyaada pyaar ho gaya tha. Yeh ek baar nahi doosri baar hua hai. Toh ab jaake pyaar thoda sa kam hua hai."

As reports suggest, Salman applauded SRK, courtesy the success of 'Chennai Express' to which the latter also acknowledged with a wave. Reportedly, Salman also asked Shah Rukh Khan to say 'Jai Ho', which the Kind Khan did.

Going by what Salman said on the show, the film 'Jai Ho' was never mean to put across the current political situation of India. Agreeing to Sohail's statement, Salman said the film couldn't be called topical as the idea was finalized about four years back. "We thought we were making an outdated film," Salman said on the show.

Salman, who has been making headlines for his so-called political alliances (performing at Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav's hometown Saifai, and joining Narendra Modi for Makar Sakranthi) also agreed to Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi visiting him at his home.

When the show's host said, 'Rahul Gandhi bhi aapke ghar gaye they', Salman said, 'Ji'. The star's reaction remained the same for the next question/statement, 'Aur kaafi ghante aapne unke saath guftgu kari thi...' too.

Salman Khan who savoured lunch, flew kites with Narendra Modi, and lauded him for development in Gujarat said, "Yeh pehli baar asia hua hoga ki kisi abhineta ne kisi neta ko film ke promotion mei involve kar liya ho. Mujhe yehi darr tha ki agar modi sahab ne meri patanhg kaat deti toh kya hota?"

"CM hain, Head of State hain. Tax free authority bhi unhi ke paas hain. So I had to meet everyone, isi liye UP bhi gaya," he also said.

"Dhinka Chika dhai lakh fans ke liye kiyaa, wahan Akhilesh ji bhi they," he added. Even as the superstar expressed his desire to meet members of Aam Aadmi Party, he made it a point to explain that the film bears no resemblance with the political party. "Jai Ho' ka AAP se kuch bhi nahi hai. It is just an emotional film."

The star also stated that he would quit the film industry if he ever have to seek help from politicians to promote his film. "Abhi tak aisa time nahi aya hai mera aur na hi ayegaa. Aur agar aisa time ayega toh mujhe yeh industry chodni padgi kyunki agar mujhe kisi party ki help leni padii to promote a film," he said.

Like a loyal friend, Salman also defended Katrina when asked for his reaction to her leaked bikini photos with actor Ranbir Kapoor in Ibiza. "Mujhe aisa lagta hai who tasveerein publicity stunt tha. Aur who morphed tasveerien hain. Mujhe lagta hai, wohh Ranbir toh hongey hi, par mujhe woh Katrina nahi lagti."