Rahul was poisoned, says Munde

Rahul was poisoned, says Munde

BJP leader Gopinath Munde says he suspects a conspiracy against Rahul Mahajan and demands a probe into the matter.

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  • Last Updated: June 3, 2006, 5:41 PM IST
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New Delhi: Alleging there was a deep-rooted conspiracy behind the incident, senior BJP leader and Pramod Mahajan's brother-in-law Gopinath Munde on Saturday claimed Rahul and the late BJP leader's private secretary Bibek Maitra were "poisoned".

Speaking to reporters at Apollo Hospital, soon after the report of the toxic screen on Rahul was released, he said, "It looks like a conspiracy and a probe should be done. Somebody may be behind this."

While denying comment on why the two were drinking champagne, Munde said "I don't know what they were drinking. But water can also be poisoned."

He questioned the motive of Sahil Zaroo, a 22-year-old, who along with three others was allegedly present with Rahul and Maitra at Thursday night's party at the 7, Safdarjang Road residence of late Pramod Mahajan.

"He claims to be Rahul's friend, but which friend would flee to Srinagar after leaving his friend in a serious condition in hospital," Munde questioned.

To a question, he said he had never seen these four men with Rahul before.

Refuting media reports that the BJP had distanced itself from the incident, Munde said both former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and former Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani were in constant touch with him to enquire about Rahul's health.

"Both Atalji and Advaniji have talked to me three-four times about the situation," he said.

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