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Couple Alleges Baby Swapping At Bikaner Hospital

Couple Alleges Baby Swapping At Bikaner Hospital

The family members alleged that the hospital staff swapped their newborn boy with a girl.

A couple who became parents on July 12 has accused the PBM Hospital, in Bikaner district of Rajasthan, of exchanging their newborn boy with a girl. The family members have claimed that after the woman had just delivered they were informed that it is a boy. The family was overjoyed on knowing this and called up their friends and relatives to share the happy news. However, when they were handed over the baby it was a girl. The relatives of the woman have also demanded a DNA test of the baby and have submitted a written complaint regarding the entire matter.

28-year-old Poonam Devi was admitted to PBM Women Hospital at 11.30 pm on Monday after she complained of labour pain. After examining her the doctor told the woman’s relatives that they will need to do an operation to successfully deliver the baby. Once the family gave consent the operation was done and they were informed that Poonam had given birth to a baby boy.

The family has also claimed that three other women had given birth on the same day in the same hospital. So the hospital may have exchanged one of their babies with Poonam’s. Her relatives also created a ruckus as they protested against the hospital authorities for their negligence. However, nothing came out of it as the concerned authorities did not pay heed to it.

Poonam’s husband has submitted a written complaint to the hospital’s superintendent Dr. Parmendra Sirohi describing the entire situation. Sirohi has confirmed that he has received the complaint and he is getting the matter investigated. He has also said that the chances of such an error are very less. The doctor informed that as soon as the expecting woman is admitted a tag bearing a unique number is tied on the mother’s wrist and as soon as the baby is born the tag of the same number is put on the baby as well. He also mentioned that the person who broke the news could have been in haste and therefore would have said boy instead of a girl.


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first published:July 15, 2021, 19:25 IST