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Ranbir pays tribute to Rishi Kapoor in a special song

 Ranbir pays tribute to Rishi Kapoor in a special song

He donned Rishi's look in 'Amar Akbar Anthony' for a song in the upcoming 'Chillar Party'

Ranbir Kapoor shot an interesting video with a gang of kids in UTV Spot Boy's Chiller Party and reveals that his look in the song was inspired by his father Rishi Kapoor.

Apparently, Ranbir has been in love with his father's film Amar Akbar Anthony since he was a kid. The film showcased Rishi Kapoor in the character of Akbar that featured him in an extremely different look. This tapori look had created an impression in Ranbir's mind when he was growing up.

Ranbir had fallen in love with Chiller Party when he saw the film. So when he was approached with the idea of the item song with kids in the similar fashion donning the same look as his father he immediately agreed and decided to pay a tribute to his father through the song.

Like Rishi Kapoor, Ranbir dons the look of a tapori with kajal in his eyes, a cupped tirchi topi on his head, a thin mustache and a real pan in his mouth making his lips look deep red.

The co-directors of the film Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari were extremely happy to have Ranbir do this interesting item song with the kid gang of Chillar Party. They expressed "As an actor, Ranbir keeps improvising. And when it came to the 'inspired' look in the song, he was prompt to come up with the idea to have a similar kind of head-gear, moustache and paan chewing look as his father in Amar Akbar Anthony."

"Akbar happens to be one of our favorite characters from Bollywood too. And we were confident about experimenting with Ranbir. The look is an inspiration from his father's Amar Akbar Anthony," said Nitesh Tiwari and Vikas Bahl, co-directors of Chillar Party.

Chillar Party releases on the 24th June, 2011 and is a fun film about a gang of innocent yet feisty kids from Chandan Nagar in whose lives enter two strangers Fatka and Bheedu and how things revolve around all their lives making each other an inseparable part of their Chillar Party.