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Randeep wants to become a sex symbol with 'Jism 2'

Randeep wants to become a sex symbol with 'Jism 2'

Randeep Hooda rubbishes the claims of being stereotyped and hopes to emerge as a bankable actor with 'Jism 2'.

New Delhi: Randeep Hooda is the man of the moment. The actor has been seen in a lot of films lately including ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Jannat 2’. His new film ‘Jism 2’, in which he plays a dreaded assassin, is scheduled to be released on August 3. Randeep Hooda talks to IBNLive about ‘Jism 2’ and difficulties he faced while shooting for the film.

Q: The poster of ‘Jism 2’ features you in a sexy avatar.

A: I am glad; it’s probably my sexiest picture. We just shot that picture without knowing that it would become the poster for ‘Jism 2’. I am happy that I am at least wearing something.

Q: Any particular reason behind such an image makeover.

A: We were in Pooja Bhatt’s kitchen, making our drinks, after the script was narrated to me. I said to Pooja that I have been doing action in theater, films, here and there but with ‘Jism 2’, I want to become an iconic sex symbol. She said, “I promise that you’ll be,” and she has kept that promise in the film.

Q: Do you enjoy the ‘sexy’ tag?

A: It’s not for me to enjoy, it’s for people. Sorry, I don’t look at myself and masturbate, I don’t in the mirror and say ‘O you sexy thing.’ It’s good for business; you get more work, more money.

Q: You have done lip syncing in ‘Jism 2’.

A: Lip syncing in ‘Jism 2’ was really difficult for me. I used to have this in my contract that I would never lip-sync but I have done so in this film. I learnt a new music instrument for ‘Jism 2’, I can at least play the ‘Maula’ song on it.

Q: Your critics feel that you’re doing the same kind of roles, aggressive and straightforward, in every film.

A: I don’t give a damn about being stereotypes. People might say that all these roles are the same but I know all of them are different from each other. Even my cop roles are different from each other. People who think that I am going to be stereotyped are not the people I am catering to.

Q: You are also very active in the theatre world.

A: I have written a play ‘A walk in the Woods’, Naseeruddin Shah is action in it, Ratna has directed it. I do theatres; I have just done a play ‘Alms and the man’.


first published:August 02, 2012, 14:38 IST