Rape cases reveal our society's patriarchal mindset: Dr Mohini Giri

Rape cases reveal our society's patriarchal mindset: Dr Mohini Giri

What does Delhi child rape reveal about our society?

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  • Last Updated: April 23, 2013, 6:15 PM IST
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In Parliament Home Minister Sushil Shinde shocked everyone with his defence, saying 'rapes take place not just in Delhi, but across the country'. What does the increasing number of rapes reveal about our society? Former chairperson of National Commission for Women Dr Mohini Giri joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

Q. Why is it that a Justice Verma committee was required to suggest changes when a certain body called NCW has been in place for over 2 decades? Couldn't NCW think of these measures earlier? Asked by: bhaz

A. NCW has changed rape laws in 1993, same suggestions were made by NCW, they are lying with the govt, expert committee sat on it and made it. but no implementation of the same has taken place.

Q. What does Delhi child rape reveal about our society? Asked by: sri

A. That Our society has a patriarchal mindset.

Q. How many cases have you taken up and taken to logical conclusion upto punishment? Asked by: Subhash

A. According to the statistics the number is very low.

Q. How to improve men's thoughts and respect towards the fellow citizens? Asked by: leena

A. They must be provided with the moral education right from their birth and jobs must be created which enhance equal partnership.

Q. This kind of fear has become a part of ones' life. What basic step is needed in the first place? Asked by: Sandeep

A. We right from the birth teach girls to be afraid of men, we need to change this mindset first.

Q. Rapes happens all over India by Shinde ji, your take on it. Asked by: Heena

A. Yes not just in India but all over the world, but that does not mean that Delhi should reflect the same.

Q. What Does ACP Ahlawat reflects about Delhi Police or Indian Police mindset? Asked by: Sam

A. That even our Police is filled with a patriarchal mindset.

Q. What about portrayal of women as sex symbol in movies especially Bhojpuri movies? Asked by: Sonia

A. It is again the patriarchal mindset which states a very low status of women, and it gets reflected in movies.

Q. 90-95 percent crimes against women are committed by drunk men. So should not the govt reduce the number of liquor vends and move them outside civil and residential areas? Asked by: Harry

A. I have been shouting from house tops that stop liquor sale, this must be banned by the government.

Q. Do we need a system of tagging sexual offenders and other criminals? Should the neighbours be aware of such persons especially in metros. Should the police be aware of such offenders when they move from place to place? Also they should be made to work in social community organizations. Your take. Asked by: emat

A. I think the only reason for having Aadhar Card is to know the kind of people and this would rather help in stopping more crimes.

Q. Madam, Is it possible in a country like us to impose a public punishment for crimes like rape? Asked by: Sunil

A. No public punishment is not possible, we have to stay in the limits of law, its just that the laws need to be implemented properly.

Q. Whether only the Police mechanism needs to be blamed in the Delhi child rape issue or our society too? Asked by: VVP

A. There are many many people that need to be blamed, the police, the government, the society all together.

Q. Do you think more than active policing, community initiatives involving volunteers will ensure the safety of woman and children? Asked by: Rajeev

A. Both together will ensure the safety of women and children.

Q. Can electoral and police reforms bring about change in state of women's safety in India? Asked by: JJ

A. Yes, they can.

Q. Should censor board has one women rights activist as member to check portrayal of women in the regional movies or Bollywood? Asked by: Kamya

A. They must have one women rights activists as a member to check portrayal to women in the regional movies or Bollywood.

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