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Review: 'Be Careful' of this senseless comedy

Review: 'Be Careful' of this senseless comedy

The 'A' certificate and beautiful locales of Thailand could attract some viewers initially.

Cast: Rajneesh Duggall, Zaid Shaikh, Tanisha Mukherjee, Kiran Rathod, Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra

Director: Chandrakant Singh

How many mistakes does one need to do before learning a costly art like filmmaking? The elusive success had dodged Chandrakant Singh in 'Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama' and 'Bin Bulaye Baraati' but he has simply refused to modify his style.

Once again, Singh has banked upon double meaning dialogue and gross sequences. Sameer Malhotra (Rajneesh Duggall) and Anand Kapoor (Zaid Shaikh) are habitual flirts who believe that beautiful girls have born to share their bed. Sam and Andy feel restricted after marriage as their wives take charge of the business and money with the help of their in-laws.

Sam and Andy make a plan to have a dirty trip to Thailand where they meet a girl called Poem, the girlfriend of Pandit Jee (Rajpal Yadav). Pandit Jee is also the manager of that hotel where Sam and Andy wish to have fun.

Anjali (Tanisha Mukherjee) and Kiran (Kiran Rathod), wives of Sam and Andy, come to Thailand on Pandit's call and try to change the mindset of their husbands with the help from a group of morally upright people.

The screenplay of 'Be Careful' lacks a basic storyline and whatever is there in the name of story is full of flaws however it will take you 10-12 minutes to realise. The opening sequence generates interest because of the credit featuring song 'Givind bolo Gopaal bolo' but the audiences find no saviour once the song is over.

Any exercise to find logics in the script will be futile as most of the energy is invested in creating a raunchy set up rather than a good believable story.

Among all the prominent actors Sanjay Mishra is the only one who looks like doing a film because others appear to have a gala time in spas and massage parlours of Thailand. Probably they forgot that a camera is pointed at them.

The director seems to be waking up from his stupor at certain moments, unfortunately those moments get killed due to clueless actors.

Had it been a superior direction, Rajneesh Duggall could have done slightly better however the same can't be said about Zaid Shaikh. With not so good looks Shaikh does not even suit the role and probably he knew that otherwise what could be the reason behind such pathetic acting.

The introduction sequence of Rajpal Yadav takes place with English versus Hindi debate which was not only out of context but absurd too. The audiences would not like to think it as the director's strategy to make his film acceptable among his targeted audience base.

The dialogue writer of the film should be given a little credit for simple and funny punch lines. It's true that most of those funny dialogues are full of vulgar content but what else should one expect from a film with nymphomaniacs in the middle.

The technical crew of the film is no lesser than the writing and acting departments. The glitches in sound recording are clearly audible. In fact there is a sequence where in laws are preaching the boys about the sanctity of relationships and their voices start to echo. Everyone has the right to wonder that how come the voices are resonating in a room full of furniture.

The camera person is one step ahead. The camera crew has not even bothered to ask people in the background to move away before taking a shot. Even worse, the background people do so during the ongoing shot. Say thanks to the editor who has used such a shot in the film. The camera has also failed to capture the beauty of Thai beaches. The cameraperson invariably has made mistakes in exploring the opportunities.

The film is full of jarring jump cuts which are capable enough to make you lose all sense of the previous scene.

The comments on Aamir Khan and other film personalities are enjoyable but only because there is nothing else to get pleasure from. A bad film definitely has the potential to turn the audience into a sadist.

'Be Careful' is weak in the music department also. Just one song 'Love Technology' is worth mention for its interesting rhyming scheme of 'technology, astrology and biology' and fast paced beats.

The 'A' certificate and beautiful locales of Thailand could attract some viewers initially but it's unexpected that they will recommend the film to others. You can watch 'Be Careful' if you want to see 'any' Hindi film before 'RA.One'.####