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Review: 'Chargesheet' is a nightmare come true

Made under the banner of Warner Brothers in collaboration with Navketan Films, 'Chargesheet' is full of surprises.

Rohit Vats | http://nawabjha

Updated:September 30, 2011, 3:12 PM IST
Review: 'Chargesheet' is a nightmare come true
Made under the banner of Warner Brothers in collaboration with Navketan Films, 'Chargesheet' is full of surprises.

Cast: Dev Anand, Jackie Shroff, Riya Sen, Divya Dutta, Naseruddin Shah, Yashpal Sharma, Milind Gunaji, Chirag Patil

Director: Dev Anand

'Chargesheet' is full of surprises starting from the very beginning. The film is made under the banner of Warner Brothers in collaboration with Navketan Films. However, after few minutes one starts wondering why Warner Brothers could have produced such a pathetic film.

The film opens in Dubai where an underworld don Naseeruddin Shah promises his mistress a big budget Bollywood film.

It's again a matter of astonishment why an actor of Shah's caliber could have done such bad acting. However, the audiences soon lose all sense of getting amazed as the story, if there is any, moves to Mahabaleshwar.

Don's mistress comes to Panchgani where she meets the director of the film Jackie Shroff who is more than happy to accept a film financed by the don. It seemed every actor is in competition with the other to come up with worse acting. It's still easy to tolerate Shroff in late night herbal tea commercials than in 'Chargesheet'.

The director who has made many hit films with Minnie Singh (Divya Dutta) in the past, does not want to repeat her again as the underworld don wants to launch his mistress via this film.

Minnie threatens the director to expose their liaisons in front of his family and the director abruptly decides to get her murdered through underworld.

Meanwhile, Minnie also tries to seduce the hero Suraj (Chirag Patil) of the film to recommend her as heroine but he also refuses to comply. Minnie threatens him too and the hero also decides to get her killed.

Suddenly a man barges into the heroine's room and threatens her to return home. This man happens to be her father in law Gambhir Singh (Dev Anand), an ex high profile police man. Minnie threatens him too, but this man does not call underworld. In fact he tries to kill Minnie right then by bare hands. Somehow, he spares Minnie's life, but she gets killed that night only.

Now, the police is after Gambhir Singh's life who is determined to solve the case.

Dev Anand's track record in recent years stops us from asking for a story but nobody knew that he will treat it as a privilege. He has become more ruthless as a storyteller. Of course on the audiences.

The dialogue writer has done such a smart work that one gets confused between crying and laughing.

See this conversation which can outwit any sane person on the globe.

Man A: Interrogation kahan hua tha? (Where did the interrogation take place?)
Man B: Interrogation room mein. (In the interrogation room.)

The film is full of such dialogues. Every character appears and gives his or her verbal introduction sometimes lasting up to two minutes. Needless to say that the introduction includes all the useful information ranging from their neighbours' name to their philosophies in life.

One could find a zoom in or zoom out of the camera everytime the idea of yawning cross their minds. Everytime you change side in the chair, somebody slaps someone.

Either Dev Anand has serious doubts about the viewer's mindset or he has reached a stage when he is enjoying at the expanse of Warner Brothers and poor movie goers.

A collage of blank faces, 'Chargesheet' has a completely unexpected climax. The film's surprise list does not end even in the ultimate scenes. Probably, nobody on this earth can explain from where and why the film director managed to start a riot in Panchgani, where petty villagers were armed with Light Machine Guns and several other high end weapons.

Never mind as soon as you are not familiar with the biggest surprise of the film. Yes, there is one left.

Amar Singh, yes the politician, has played the role of the home minister in 'Chargesheet', and don't dare to think that he will entertain you for a lesser period than 2-3 minutes. Amar Singh is visible for quite a good duration but he should not be blamed as Singh is the only actor who looks natural and who does not swing after each second.

There is a song by Asha Bhosle with Riya Sen dancing on it but that happens in the beginning only, leaving you unguarded for rest of the film.

Over all, it's just the respect for Dev Anand that people will go to cinema hall, otherwise after 'Chargesheet', one would not dare to watch any other film.

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