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'Revolver Rani' Tweet Review: First day, first show

'Revolver Rani' Tweet Review: First day, first show

'Revolver Rani' is set in Chambal and is a story of an unwanted girl who grows up to scare everyone in the area.

Filmmaker Karan Johar lauded her impeccable acting, megastar Amitabh Bachchan sent her a bouquet of flowers as a token of appreciation and Bollywood's reigning Khans congratulated her for the success of 'Queen'. Yes, that's how big and impactful Kangana Ranaut's contribution was in Vikas Bahl's film.

Going by the interest that her film 'Revolver Rani' has generated, the actress is expected to be inundated with calls from fans appreciating her performance.

Directed by Sai Kabir, 'Revolver Rani' is set in Chambal and puts forth the story of an unwanted girl child who grows up to scare everyone in the area, courtesy the ease with which she uses her gun.

Will Kangana, who is clearly the flavour of the season, turn 'Revolver Rani' a blockbuster hit? Will the film, for its quirky tale and concept, have a dream run at the box office?

Divya Pal of IBNLive is inside the theater to get you all the answers.

9:58 AM: Tweet review of #KanganaRanaut's #RevolverRani in a while. Stay tuned.

10:04 AM: Directed by #SaiKabeer, #RevolverRani also features#Virdas, #Zakirhussain and #Piyushmishra.

10:15 AM: The opening scene explains what #RevolverRani is all about. Revenge, politics and power.

10:20 AM: Kangana is not your typical Bollywood daaku in her opening scene. She neither wears huge tilak, nor bullet-loaded heavy belt.#RevolverRani

10:29 AM: #RevolverRani attends 'Crazy Underwear Chambal Dud No 1', shares number with #Virdas in first meeting, and nicknamed KoKo. Hilarious.

10:40 AM: Is this for real? #RevolverRani of Chambal loves her conical bras, gets clothes from Paris and has plans to go to Beh-nice.

10:55 AM: Muddai lakh bura chahe to kya hota hai, wahi hota hai jo manzoor-e-alka hota hai. #RevolverRani

10:57 AM: We love #KanganaRanaut's furious gaze and tone. It does get a bit threatening much like her gunshots. #RevolverRani

11:04 AM: Oh no, kangana-vir killed the iconic Titanic pose as they stand with arms outstretched on a fake set in Chambal Film City. #RevolverRani

11:13 AM: It is interval and it's still not clear why #KanganaRanautfalls for a struggling actor #Virdas. #RevolverRani

11:19 AM: The first half is a bit over stretched, nothing exceptional about Kangana-Vir chemistry. Not an engaging fare. #RevolverRani

11:34 AM: Finally, desi band of boys of Chambal perform OMJ. Love it for its funky composition. #RevolverRani

11:40 AM: Those who don't have a clear understanding of black comedy will find it difficult to fathom #RevolverRani.

11:49 AM: #VirDas might be struggling to fit into the role of a struggling actor, but his multiple weddings leave everyone in splits. #RevolverRani

11:55 AM: #MishkkaSingh, who plays news anchor Payal, gets wolf whistles for presenting breaking news in the most sensational manner.#RevolverRani

12:03 PM: #RevolverRani could have been more entertaining had it been well edited. It has many scenes which last for more time than they should.

12:09 PM: Hum toh Beh-nice (Venice) jaake housewife banenge, khaane ka dabba banaengey. #RevolverRani transforms into a docile wife, loving mother.

12:27 PM: #KanganaRanaut is compelling in playing a ruthless politico. Her MJ moves, dialogue delivery make #RevolverRani a bit entertaining.

12:29 PM: But the film #RevolverRani fails to meet the viewers' expectation especially after the success of #KanganaRanaut's Queen.

12:31 PM: #RevolverRani isn't boring, but it isn't engaging either.

12:35 PM: If there is a sequel to #RevolverRani, we'd want it to be well edited, with no oh-so-stretched sequences.

12:36 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of#RevolverRani. Watch this space for more movie updates.
first published:April 25, 2014, 09:44 IST