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RGV's film is not about Neeraj Grover murder case

 RGV's film is not about Neeraj Grover murder case

The director puts such rumors to rest

Director Ram Gopal Varma has denied reports that his Not A Love Story is based on the murder case of Neeraj Grover, creative director with the TV production house Synergy Adlabs who was killed in 2008, saying the matter is subjudice and it is not possible to make a film on the actual case.

"How can I make a film on the actual murder? Was I there? How would I know what actually transpired? I can only re-construct the incident in my own mind and then give them my own cinematic interpretation. In any case, the matter is subjudice. So how could I be making a film on the actual case?" Varma clarified.

A recent report said that Neeraj's parents are unhappy with the director and want him to stop the filming of "Not A Love Story". He finishes shooting the film May 27.

Dismissing it as an emotional outburst of Neeraj's parent's, Varma said: "How can they stop my film when it isn't their son's story? I am interested in the psychology of the case. How could sane sensible seemingly civil law-abiding citizens behave in this way? The two people who actually plotted and carried out the murder seem most incapable of such a heinous act."

Varma is no stranger to films with a biographical slant. His last release Rakht Charitra raised quite a bit of heat and dust for being the exact replication of the life and times of the Andhra Pradesh politician-outlaw Paritala Ravi.

Varma moves back even further in time to give the example of Sarkar.

"Everyone assumed Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was playing Bal Thackeray in the film. But when 'Sarkar' released, did anyone accuse him of playing a real-life character? My point is, every film is inspired by real-life incidents. There's no getting away from that," said Varma.