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Savita Bhabhi is a strong, confident woman: Creator

Savita Bhabhi is a strong, confident woman: Creator

South Indian aunties were a hit on internet but Savita's rapid rise pushed them out of the arena.

New Delhi: One reason we often give in support of banning the internet porn is that the step will be helpful in curbing the crime against women. Those who oppose the proposed ban see it as a devise to control the freedom of expression. Deshmukh, a Britain based businessman and the creator of Savita Bhabhi, is one of them and now, he has come up with a film which deals with the issue of internet censorship. Deshmukh indulges in a discussion to prove that Savita is much more than just a promiscuous housewife.

"The main issue that the movie is dealing with is the issue of 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Internet Censorship'. The recent case of the young girl who was jailed for a Facebook post exemplifies that. This is the kind of issue that the movie deals with."

The film voiced by daring model Rozlyn Khan is also the middle class' tryst with sexuality, "In the movie, she is put into a situation where she has to both help herself and the two young men who put her into the predicament in the first place. How she does that is the gist of the movie."

This much introduction is enough for a porn consumer to spend around $25 on Savita but doesn't this make it a mere business tool, "We set out to explore Indian sexuality. While I have to confess 'womens lib' was not on the top agenda while creating Savitabhabhi.com - it slowly metamorphosed into a graphic novel with the woman on top! Once we started getting feedback from women readers, we realized that this was an ideal platform to educate Indian men that women have sexual needs too."

Moral policing is something which worries the purest of lovers in Meerut to pub-going generation in Mumbai, "India is opening up to sexuality and its various depictions. But in the past couple of years, the 'moral police' seems to have come out back in force with the agenda of pushing us back again. I do not think the general Indian man is a prude, but it's the agenda and actions taken by those in power which force him to keep his desires and thoughts to himself. This in turn unfortunately leads them to be sexually frustrated. What we need is an open conversation about sex and sexuality in India, which is one of the reasons for making this movie. The answer is not censorship, but more opening up of the society."

But, who needs to open up, men, women or those who are willing to experiment? "I always did think that Savita Bhabhi would be popular with women, simply because it does away with the generalization of women's sexuality and shows a strong woman who is confident and enjoys her own sexuality. We did a poll during the early years of the site, which showed 30% of our members were women!"

No doubt, we are a group of sexually repressed people but isn't this like fanning some dark emotions? "One of the reasons for creating SB was to also portray that Indian women have sexual desires too. India is a country which is still sexually repressed and I feel that for it to break the shackles, it is the women of India who are going to have to come out first. We are already seeing that in a way, and hopefully SB will do her bit to help in this revolution."

However, the actual picture is not clear yet that how a titilliating sister-in-law going to strengthen the cause of women empowerment. "Bhabhi is the Indian version of a MILF. Though in literal terms it means your 'brother's wife' - that is not the meaning here. For an Indian youngster his first fantasy is normally the newly married hot woman in the neighbourhood who is referred to as a hot Bhabhi. Hence it seemed only natural that our hot heroine whom the entire neighbourhood lusts after be called Savita Bhabhi."

Well, then let's put it straight. Who inspired the idea? "It just came out of the blue. We were a group of friend sitting together on a weekend having a few drinks and talking. As it is normally with a bunch of drunken young men, the topic shifted to women and sex. One of our non-Indian friends remarked that while Indian women were considered among the most sensuous in the world, we did not have a single really hot Indian porn star. That stirred up our discussion and we decided the next best thing to a real woman would be a toon porn star. One of my friends is an amateur artist and he came up with the first draft of SB. Initially there was a tossup between SB being a young Gujarati woman or a South Indian aunty. We went ahead and posted some threads on a forum asking people which they prefer. Savita as a young newly married woman won."

South Indian aunties were a hit on internet but Savita's rapid rise pushed them out of the arena. "Savita Bhabhi is by far the most popular toon character among adults in India. The comics had been building up a fan base from the past 5 years and one recurring request from every fan was - a Savita Bhabhi Movie. We were finally in a position last year to start work on this project."

Savita is in a way the reflection of Deshmukh or Punnet Agarwal as some say him but what's the person's real identity? "For all purposes, I am Deshmukh. When I created Savita Bhabhi, I thought it would be fun to have a pseudonym to go along with it. Never did I dream that Savita would get so popular and controversial that it would actually come in use in protecting my identity. Deshmukh to me sounded like a very Indian name which everyone would be able to relate to. A few years ago, I revealed my true identity, but then decided I was better off as just Deshmukh again. So that's how I would like to remain."

The man may remain anonymous but Savita is quickly becoming the member of many families, especially during vulnerable times. The new cartoons are finer (They have been created with the help of some Hentai experts) and are likely to cut more swiftly through the desirous hearts. The Savita Bhabhi movie deals with the tyranny of an authoritarian government and its numerous ways of controlling the popular consensus. Hope our beloved bhabhi passes the idea of open discussion to some top brasses during their intimate time together.
first published:May 28, 2013, 10:18 IST