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Shweta Menon's delivery shot for 'Kalimannu'

Shweta Menon's delivery shot for 'Kalimannu'

Directed by Blessy, 'Kalimannu' is a a first film in India that has shot a real delivery shot to feature in it.

Renowned Mollywood director Blessy had been waiting for almost six months to have these gracious moments on camera. He had been reworking on his scripts . Sequences were added and deleted to suit the lady who daringly agreed to him to shoot her pregnancy and delivery of baby.

The award winning actress Shweta Menon who allowed this divine process to be shot for film, was admitted to the hospital a week back. Hearing this the director and his camera crew headed by Jibu Jacob had flown down to Mumbai. They shot for days with Shweta. The crew visited the operation the hospital where the delivery was going to happen, talked with the doctors there, marked their positions of activity to suit their camera set up, installed the needed machinery. And on Sept 27, all their efforts got fulfilled as Shweta delivered a beautiful baby girl which was shot in camera. The crew shot for almost twenty minutes with the help of three cameras in the operation theatre. This was the first of its kind event, ever to be reported in the land of India.

The baby and Shweta are keeping good health in the company of Shweta's husband Sreevalsan Menon, Blessy will soon fly back to edit the sequences which will be used in his new movie 'Kalimannu'.

Produced by Thomas Thiruvalla, Biju Menon is in the lead role, rest of the film will be shot after couple of months.

first published:October 01, 2012, 13:40 IST