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Snake Causes Sleepless Night In Kolkata Hospital

Snake Causes Sleepless Night In Kolkata Hospital

Hearing the man’s screams, the rest of the workers rushed to the spot.

The century-old Sealdah NRS Medical College has been on its toes the whole Friday afternoon? The reason? A venomous snake of the Russell’s Viper variety has been terrorising the whole hospital. Around 3 pm on Friday, a man working inside the medical store of the hospital suddenly spotted a snake crawling out from under a table. Hearing the man’s screams, the rest of the workers rushed to the spot. After some digging around, it was found that the snake was a poisonous Russell’s Viper.

With some effort, a worker trapped it in a bottle and took it to the hospital superintendent. Following the chain of events, the snake was finally handed over to the forest department.

The snake has been spotted at different places in the hospital over the last few days. The hospital authorities were alerted numerous times but to no avail. It is being speculated that the snake might have crawled out from a pond near the hospital due to the rainy season. This posed a grave danger to the relatives of many patients who come from far-off places and often spend the night in the hospital and near the pond.

“With circumstances like this, anything can happen. Killing snakes is not right, but the way the snake has been roaming around in the hospital, we were scared all night,” said one of the relatives. “The hospital authorities ought to contact the forest department to rescue the snakes and take them elsewhere., otherwise some serious mishap might happen someday,” he added.


In 1864 the erstwhile British government planned to build a hospital owing to the political and social pressure which was created after the Sepoy Rebellion. Accordingly, the Sealdah Municipal Hospital was established in the Sealdah Market Building. In 1873 it became the Sealdah Medical School, later renamed the Campbell Medical School and Campbell College. In 1950, the name of this medical college was changed to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College in memory of alumnus and freedom fighter Nilratan Sarkar.

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first published:June 26, 2021, 12:35 IST