SRK says yes to AR Murgadoss's 'Ramana'

SRK says yes to AR Murgadoss's 'Ramana'

The actor has apparently chosen the Hindi remake of AR Murugadoss' Tamil superhit, over Gautham Menon's film.

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  • Last Updated: March 19, 2012, 1:03 PM IST
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Mumbai: The actor has apparently chosen the Hindi remake of AR Murugadoss's Tamil superhit, over Gautham Menon's cop film.

After much speculation over what film Shah Rukh Khan will pick between the remake of Tamil blockbusters 'Ramana' and 'Vettiyadu Villayadu', looks like he has finally made his choice. Buzz is that the actor has given his word for AR Murgadoss's 'Ramana' where he will play an honest professor fighting for the cause of justice.

Says a source, "SRK was in a dilemma between Menon and Murugadoss's films, as they both came at the same time and both had a very strong plotline. However, since Murugadoss's last Hindi film Ghajini was a blockbuster, he had an edge over Menon."

Interestingly, the film, which is being produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been on the cards for a while. Apparently Bhansali has been meeting the star on and off for narrations, because he believes SRK would fit the role to the T. Adds the source, "The role is that of a common man who takes on the corrupt system.

Shah Rukh has never played a part like that before and it seems like a film that will have a real connect with the audience." Apparently one of the reasons he opted out of Gautam Menon's film was the fact that he did not want to play a cop.

Adds the source, "Both his rivals Aamir and Salman are coming up with cop films, and he did not did not want to join gang. He was looking for something strong yet sensitive, and this seemed like the perfect choice." SRK who is shooting in London at the moment is expected to sign the film officially as soon as he is back.

'Ramana' was a superhit in Tamil and a hit in Telugu and Murugadoss has been in talks for a remake for the past three years.

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