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Telangana to Offer Incentives to Firms for Employing Locals

Telangana residents. (AP Photo)

Telangana residents. (AP Photo)

 In order to ensure the availability of skilled manpower, the industries will be linked to technical educational institutions such as ITIs and polytechnics.

The Telangana Cabinet has approved a new policy under which majority of employment is given to the locals in the industries set up in the State and the firms providing jobs to local youths will be offered more incentives. For additional incentives, the firms will be defined into two categories.

While in one category, 70 per cent semi-skilled and 50 per cent skilled manpower should be locals, under the other category, 80 per cent semi-skilled and 60 per cent skilled manpower should be locals, an official release issued Wednesday night said. In order to ensure availability of skilled manpower the industries will be linked to technical educational institutions such as ITIs and polytechnics, it said. "The Cabinet felt that the locals should have more opportunities in the industries being set up in the State. The cabinet also decided to give incentives to the industries, which are providing more job opportunities to the locals," it said.

Under the leadership of Industries Minister KT Rama Rao, the industries department had done an exercise and prepared a draft policy which was discussed by the cabinet on Wednesday, it said. In order to decentralise the IT industry in the city, the cabinet approved a "Grid policy (Growth in dispersion)" to offer incentives to the IT firms being set up in other areas other than the West Zone of Hyderabad.

The Cabinet has also decided to encourage and promote the use of electric vehicles to decrease the air pollution in the State. It was also decided to encourage the production of electric vehicles in the State by offering incentives. The State cabinet has also approved the Telangana State Electronic Vehicle and Energy Storage Solution Policy.

first published:August 06, 2020, 11:48 IST