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'Don Seenu' is a disappointing, routine flick

'Don Seenu' is a disappointing, routine flick

Watch it only if you are a hardcore Ravi Teja fan

Seenu (Ravi Teja) is a big fan of Amitabh Bachan and adores his movie Don right from his childhood. He is so inspired by the Don character that he calls himself ‘Don Seenu’ and puts a permanent tattoo of the same on his hand.

When Seenu grows up, he aspires to be the don of the city and so plans to join the group of one of the two local goons Narsing (SriHari) and Machiraju (Sayaji Shinde).

Narsing and Machiraju are arch rivals - constantly in a race to get better of each other. They try to use Seenu as a pawn in their fights with each other.

Seenu however has different plans and involves their sisters Deepti (Shriya Saran) and her friend (Anjana Sukhani) to get better of both of them. It is revealed in the end that he does all this for his family who suffer because of Narsing and Machiraju.

Ravi Teja is his usual eccentric crazy self as Don Seenu. He does a very good job but is let down by a weak script and storyline. Shriya is just about OK as Deepti, Don Seenu’s love interest. Shriya has done many better roles than this one in the past and has nothing new to showcase in this movie apart from flaunting her body wearing skimpy clothes.

The new girl in the movie, Anjana Sukhani is also average. Srihari and Sayaji Shindi offer good performances as local dons trying to outwit each other. Ali, Venumadhav and Brahmanandam excel in the comedy track along with Ravi Teja.

Music by Mani Sharma is disappointing and the stunt sequences in the movie look too exaggerated.

For most of us, actor Ravi Teja’s name is synonymous with mass entertainers. With movies like Idiot, Amma Nanna O Tamila Ammayi, Vikramarkudu, Kick and so on, Ravi Teja started a new genre of mass entertainment movies.

With his last big hit Kick still fresh in the fans’ memory, Don Seenu was one eagerly awaited movie. Unfortunately the movie is just about Ravi Teja and his antics that we are so used to without a concrete storyline to support it.

But there are parts of the film that are worth a watch thanks to Teja and other comedians. The scenes where Teja gets inspired by Amitabh Bachchan (with Big B‘s movie scenes appearing in his imagination) and imitates him are very funny.

However the story is needlessly complicated with far too many mindless twists that might end up getting on the audience’s nerves. Despite all this, the movie has a lame, age-old sentimental climax that is typical to Telugu movies.

Don Seenu completely loses track post interval and becomes very predictable as the story reaches the climax. The movie could have been a lot shorter and one cannot but let out a sigh of relief when it ends after nearly three hours.

On the whole, director Gopichand Malineni’s Don Seenu is disappointing. You might like to watch it only if you are a hardcore Ravi Teja fan.

Critic: Raghu Chaitanya