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Telugu Review: 'Rachcha' an average entertainer

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Last Updated: May 15, 2012, 18:18 IST

Telugu Review: 'Rachcha' an average entertainer

'Rachcha' is much better than 'Orange', but cannot be minutely compared to 'Magadheera'.

After delivering a blockbuster like ‘Magadheera’ two years ago, it was felt that actor Ramcharan, son of Telugu megastar Chiranjeevi, would be occupying the pivotal place in the industry that indisputably belonged to his actor-turned-politician father. Unfortunately, his next film, ‘Orange’, produced by his uncle Naga Babu and directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, was a flop. Therefore, Ramcharan took a longer time to accept a film and to select a commercially viable script before giving the nod to debutant Sampath Nandi's screenplay.

‘Rachcha’ is much better than ‘Orange’, but cannot be minutely compared to ‘Magadheera’. In the latest film, Ramcharan has added a lot of appeal with daring action sequences. But he must improve his dialogue delivery. ‘Rachcha’ is about protagonist Raju, who is always a winner in betting. He finds himself in a tough situation when his father is diagnosed with serious health problems and needs to undergo surgery for a liver transplant. To earn money for his father's treatment, Raju accepts a bet with an underworld hireling to make business tycoon Ballary's daughter Chaithra (played by Thamanna), fall in love with him. Raju succeeds in his mission and even wins the bet.

The film is filled with twists and turns, which show Raju has a secret mission to accomplish and Chaithra is in fact not the real daughter of Ballary.

‘Rachcha’ lacks a credible storyline with lack lust and ordinary presentation. Although it is technically well-versed, the film is essentially a formulaic presentation with a mix of everything. The action sequences have taken a little more space than the other commercial elements.The director has taken a beaten path, which lacks variety and freshness. Even the music of the film by veteran composer Mani Sharma fails to strike a chord with the audience. However, the major attraction of the film is lead actress Tamanna, who sizzles on the screen. She looks gorgeous and creates an impression with her energetic performance. There is not a single dull moment when she is on screen. The glamour quotient in the ‘Vaana vaana’ song is aimed at pleasing the younger audience and Tamanna scores well throughout the song.

Ramcharan's action and dance sequences are a treat to his fans and remind of his father Chiranjeevi. He shows lot of style and energy in his performance, but fails to make an impact in emotional sequences. Comic actors Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav and Krishna Bhagawan excel with their performances. Mukesh Rishi, Kota Sreenivasa Rao and Dev Gill, who play the baddies, are also quite impressive.