'The Attacks of 26/11' Tweet Review: First day, first show

'The Attacks of 26/11' Tweet Review: First day, first show

The film is a good watch this weekend. You will get to see the old RGV in many scenes.

Rohit Vats
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  • Last Updated: March 1, 2013, 10:21 AM IST
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When Ram Gopal Varma went to visit the site of one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in the history of Indian subcontinent, it was seen as a publicity gimmick from a filmmaker who was going through a rough patch, but Varma was serious about his recce.

The maverick director, who is known for films such as 'Satya', 'Company' and 'Sarkar', hasn't given good stories since many months, so he is under pressure to come up with a well crafted film in the form of 'The Attacks of 26/11', which is the dramatic reconstruction of the Mumbai terror attacks of 2008.

The film features Nana Patekar as the Joint Commissioner of Police while Atul Kulkarni will also be seen as an important character, however all eyes would be on Sanjeev Jaiswal who is playing the character of Ajmal Kasab. The recent death sentence of Kasab has increased the curiosity among the audiences.

Good or bad, RGV is known for his bold and unconventional approach towards filmmaking, so he is expected to throw a new light on the events of 26/11.

10:15 AM: #Attacksof2611 is directed by Ram Gopal Varma and is based on 2008 terror attacks of Mumbai.

10: 18 AM: #Attacksof2611 stars Nana Patekar, Atul Kulkarni and Sanjeev Jaiswal, who is playing Ajmal Kasab.

10: 25 AM: The recent hanging of Ajmal Kasab has increased the spectators' interest in #Attacksof2611.

10: 37 AM: RGV is expected to through a new light on the events of Mumbai terror attacks through #Attacksof2611. What do you think?

10: 50 AM: RGV has tried to give a glimpse of the world of terrorists in some of his earlier films but #Attacksof2611 directly deals with terrorism.

10: 54 AM: Is the film going to feature the docudrama style of filmmaking or will it be completely fictionalised? #Attacksof2611

11:00 AM: RGV's trademark camera angles are at play again. Let's hope for good performances. #Attacksof2611

11:07 AM: You can love or hate him but you can't ignore RGV. Unusual camera work would make this sure. #Attacksof2611

11:15 AM: The opening sequence brings a whole new world to the spotlight. The attacks were planned long ago. #Attacksof2621

11: 25 AM: Sanjeev Jaiswal looks just perfect in the role of Kasab. Metaphors are also working well. #Attacksof2611

11:28 AM: #Attacksof2611 is not for weak hearts. It needs courage to digest such a brutal depiction of terrorism.

11:33 AM: Religious and social paradoxes are portrayed well by RGV in #Attacksof2611. The film is very realistic.

11:35 AM: #Attacksof2611 is turning into a gripping tale. Nana Patekar is doing a fantastic job.

11:38 AM: The narration technique used in #Attacksof2611 is very effective. It generates strong and immediate emotions against terrorism.

11:40 AM: RGV is indeed a brave filmmaker. He has not kept anything in heart, everything is on the screen. #Atracksof2611

11:45 AM: Parallel narratives show the mammoth scale of the attacks in different spaces. #Attacksof2611

11:47 AM: RGV is not objective about violence this time. He has taken a stand in these visuals. #Attacksof2611

11:50 AM: #Attacksof2611 is high on emotions. The terror inside the human mind has been personified in Sanjeev Jaiswal.

11:52 AM: Everything from the strategy to the driving ideology has been focussed in #Attacksof2611 so far.

11: 55 AM: One may miss the proper foregrounding of #Attacksof2611 but the documentation of the events has been done well.

11: 57 AM: RGV is likely to face the similar questions about the depiction of brutality as Kathryn Bigelow, but #Attacksof2611 justifies his approach.

12:00 PM: So here it is. We were waiting for this only. The loud chanting in the background. #Attacksof2611

12:02 PM: Was it the lack of training on part of the police which made it easier for the terrorists? #Attacksof2611

12:05 PM: Clinical precision with which the #Attacksof2611 were done shows the amount of training that has been given to these terrorists.

12:07 PM: Such calm and composed terrorists can't be prepared without the help of resourceful external agencies. #Attacksof2611

12:10 PM: #Attacksof2611 are the blots on the prestige of intelligence agencies. It will remain one of their biggest failures.

12:15 PM: Had we reduced the reaction time, we could have saved a lot of lives. #Attacksof2611

12:17 PM: Kasab to police: Jahannum ki aag se bachna hai toh jihad karna hai. #Attacksof2611

12:20 PM: #Attacksof2611 has become a little dramatic. Kasab goes the Shakti Kapoor way.

12:22 PM: RGV has carefully avoided the parts where he needed to show the NSG operations. #Attacksof 2611

12:25 PM: The last thing the audience would like to see is an abrupt ending after such a good build up. #Attacksof2611

12:30 PM: Avoid controversy and be with the popular notion is RGV's mantra in #Attacksof2611.

12:35 PM: Nana Patekar has used a different mannerism in #Attacksof2611. It is given to Nana to make him emerge as the hero of the story.

12: 40 PM: The film reaches its last stage. The characters take dramatic pauses. #Attacksof2611

12:42 PM: #Attacksof2611 ends as per the expectations. A typical RGV finish.

12:47 PM: The first half of #Attacksof2611 is more engaging than the second half. RGV feels the social pressure in the second half.

12:50 PM: #Attacksof2611 is a good film because it shows the futility of jihad in a convincing way. It's disturbing though.

12:52 PM: The structure of #Attacksof2611 is something to watch out. It is linear but displays a wide range of emotions.

12:53 PM: Nana Patekar is forced to act like a Hindi film hero in the end but the actor makes it look natural. #Attacksof2611

12:54 PM: Sanjeev Jaiswal is average but his face will be recognised even after #Attacksof2611.

12:56 PM: Surprisingly, the camera doesn't act voyeuristic in #Attacksof2611. RGV doesn't go for ambitious shots either.

12:57 PM: #Attacksof2611 is a good watch this weekend. You will get to see the old RGV in many scenes.

1:00 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the tweet review of #Attacksof2611. Stay tuned for more.

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