'The Hunger Games 2' Tweet Review

'The Hunger Games 2' Tweet Review

The franchise has got a new director this time and thus the audience can expect the story to flaunt some new dimensions.

Rohit Vats
  • IBNLive.com
  • Last Updated: December 6, 2013, 4:17 PM IST
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New Delhi: 'The Hunger Games - Catching Fire' is the sequel to 2012 film 'The Hunger Games'. Directed by Francis Lawrence, the film features Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and Woody Harrelson in prominent roles. The film is based on the second book of The Hunger games Trilogy, written by Suzanne Collins.

The first installment of the film had become successful worldwide and thus this edition is also likely to open at a positive note. Several characters from the first film will reprise their roles and the basic premise will carry forward the old story thread.

The franchise has got a new director this time and thus the audience can expect the story to flaunt some new dimensions.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) will once again be at the help of affairs. She is an Academy Award winner and thus she will be under pressure to deliver a good performance.

Rohit Vats of IBNLive is inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of 'The Hunger Games - Catching Fire'.

04:20 PM: The second edition of #HungerGames2 is back with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead.

04:31 PM: Directed by Francis Lawrence, #HungerGames2 is based on the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.

04:35 PM: #HungerGames2 is based on the story written by Suzanne Collins. It also features Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson in pivotal roles.

04:39 PM: Katniss Everdeen is back on a path less travelled. Will she be able to emerge victorious again? #HungerGames2 begins on a thrilling note.

04:45 PM: #HungerGames2 has an amazing premise. It looks like a reality show but is much more than it. The story has depth.

04:50 PM: Jennifer Lawrence is young but immensely talented. She is displaying her wide range in #HungerGames2. The story is fast paced.

05:02 PM: The two lethal lovers from district 12 are witnessing the flip side of being famous. #HungerGames2's politics suits American economy.

05:15 PM: #HungerGames2 initiates a thought process in my mind: Is fear the blanket of hope?

05:19 PM: Can a group of weak people take on the mighty oppressors? Katniss Everdeen is the only hope. #HungerGames2

05:24 PM: It's not about winning, it's about being alive. The game begins now. Some old players are back in #HungerGames2.

05:34 PM: You need to win the opponent's mind before winning him physically. Your mental strength will decide your fate in #HungerGames2.

05:44 PM: United we stand, divided we fall. Well, not exactly if you know how to play with an aggressive mind. #HungerGames2

05:47 PM: James Newton Howard's background score is as per the expectations. He proves his calibre again in #HungerGames2.

05:50 PM: So far #HungerGames2 has been successful in holding the audience's attention but the ultimate game is still left.

05:52 PM: The screenplay has pace but there are some loopholes as well. The tempo needs to rise from here on. #HungerGames2 has a classical structure.

06:10 PM: #HungerGames2 brings out the popular western notion towards social divide. It's fictional but as per the contemporary media theories.

06:26 PM: Cinematography and animation play a major part in a science fiction. #HungerGames2 can boast of some well animated scenes.

06:27 PM: You need to have allies to combat a powerful enemy especially those who work according to a fixed agenda. #HungerGames2

06:37 PM: Hollywood always plays with the stereotyped images created by a liberal media. #HungerGames2 is no exception.

06:50 PM: Hollywood writers always take care of the three act structure and mostly they become predictable. #HungerGames2

06:51 PM: Moves, counter moves, treachery and blind faith. #HungerGames2 is about all these things.

06:56 PM: #HungerGames2 ends abruptly but then it had to be in accordance with the book.

06:59 PM: Jennifer Lawrence is the star of #HungerGames2. She holds the film together. Screenplay is praise-worthy.

07:01 PM: You will enjoy #HungerGames2 more if you have read the book. That will also explain the sudden ending.

07:04 PM: #HungerGames2 is the film to watch this week. It's a smart film. Thanks for being with us thoughout the tweet review of #HungerGames2.

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