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The trick to looking slim sans exercise!

The trick to looking slim sans exercise!

Designers Ruchi Mehta, Asmita Marwa are going all out to prove this.

If you thought staring at models walking down the runway meant feeling bad about not having a figure like them, you're mistaken. The new mantra for fashion is not the 'fit' but the 'structure'.

And designers Ruchi Mehta, Asmita Marwa, and designer duo Sudhir and Tapas are going all out to prove that.

In this picture: A model wearing an Anand Kabra ensemble

So, how do you make this fashion mantra work for you? "I have always made clothes that anyone can look at and say, 'hey, I can wear that!'," says Ruchi. "We are in a business where we need to cater to all kinds of body types. Plus, I think we're done with the corset. We need to move on and reinterpret body proportions."


Asmita agrees. "Dresses are so in right now. So, why not design dresses that everyone can wear without thinking twice? For example, even if it is a spaghetti strap dress, you can just wear a white top inside it if your not comfortable wearing it by itself," says Asmita.

In this picture: A model wears a Vineet Bahl ensemble

Here's what you need to remember while wearing anti-fits:

  • Keep in mind the layering, says Ruchi. For example, you can wear a jumpsuit kurta that Ruchi has used in her collection. This doubles up as a lining for the sheer anti-fit kurtis she has used.
  • Don't overdo layering though. For example, don't match a thick cotton lining with jersey fabric. It will just add to the volume. Make sure you have cotton or thin linen lining, layered with sheer fabric to add to the effect.
  • Move away from the 'choker' trend, says Ruchi. Its done to death. Wear a neckpiece and earrings that are light and delicate, like the fabric itself. Remember, going minimalist is the key.
  • In this picture: A model wearing a Rahul Mishra ensemble
  • Always team up an anti-fit kurta with a fitted churidaar or jeans. The peel-off jeans are ideal to match up with this outfit.
  • An anti-fit dress looks good just by itself, says Asmita. It's the structuring of the dress that gives it some oomph.
  • Flats look good with anti-fits, agree Asmita and Ruchi. You can also invest in a good pair of mojris to match. But for that extra comfort, team up your anti-fit dress with sneakers, adds Asmita.
first published:October 22, 2008, 21:24 IST