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This MarQ by Flipkart TV is Truly a Deal You Can’t Refuse

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

The highlight of this range is its immersive audio quality made possible with Dolby Digital Tru-Surround Sound to deliver a true cinematic experience in your living room.

For those who have seen television sets evolve over the years in terms of picture quality, there’s a common refrain: the sound still isn’t up to the mark. So even with a decent picture quality, the viewing experience does not feel complete. MarQ by Flipkart, the latest entrant to this game, is changing that with its signature range of TVs.

The highlight of this range is its immersive audio quality made possible with Dolby Digital Tru-Surround Sound to deliver a true cinematic experience in your living room. It is as immersive as it can get. MarQ by Flipkart is offering this incredible audio quality across its TV range with screen sizes from 24 to 65-inches with HD, Ultra-HD, Android, smart and non-smart variants.

This new private label from Flipkart, is catching a lot of attention for its premium offerings at jaw-dropping prices. To understand how, let’s take a closer look at what its 43-inch Android TV has in store:

Let that sink in with immersive audio:

What’s something peculiar about a movie-viewing experience? Apart from the large screen, the sound makes you feel as if you are in the centre of action. MarQ by Flipkart comes with Dolby Digital Tru-Surround Sound to bring a cinema-like sound experience right in your living room. It is powered by a 20W box speaker and 5 sound modes. When it comes to competitive models at this price range from Sony, the models do not come with surround sound features.

With immersive audio,if you are watching a car chase, you’ll possibly be tempted to look around for sirens. You can also clearly tell apart the sound in the foreground to the one in the background. Does it get any more immersive than that?

Looks great with HDR Display Technology:

Though sound quality is the highlight of MarQ by Flipkart, the video quality specs are equally good. The IPS panel with 3840 x 2160 display resolution allows you to enjoy video in 4K Ultra HD, which means that the screen has enough pixels to fill 4 Full HD displays! This ensures more depth and clarity in every scene. Along with 1.07 Billion Colors, every picture comes to life on this screen.

Love to catch adventure and action-packed movies on TV? Be it watching your favorite superhero dive from skyscrapers or a tiger take a leap in the wild, you can be sure to have a front seat to all the action that comes alive on your screen at 60 frames per second.With a wide-viewing angle of 178 degrees, you can have the perfect family viewing experience.

It's even better with Android Oreo:

With integrated Certified Android 8.0- Oreo, your TV becomes an extension of your viewing experience on the phone with a variety of content, games and apps. You get access to loads of popular Google Play apps and get to experience them on a bigger screen. With pre-loaded apps, you can enter a whole new world of content& entertainment from YouTube, Google Games, Google Music, Google Movies and other sources.

This sort of integration allows you to enjoy personalized content. This is a key differentiator for MarQby Flipkart as competitive models are not integrated with Android operating system. Using the USB or HDMI ports, you can also choose to play from a pen-drive or laptop.

Just say it with the voice-controlled remote:

What if you could simply tell your TV what you want to watch? The voice-controlled remote with Google Assistant drastically transforms your TV-viewing experience. After a long day, if you are in the mood to watch a sitcom, just press the mic and say the name of the show you want to stream. You can instantly get started without any fuss.

Go smooth and fast with Quad Core Processor:

As a smart TV does much more than a regular TV, it needs a good processor to do all of it. The 43-inch variant by Flipkart comes with a Quad Core Processor to get everything done without any delay. This always ensures a seamless performance.

Overall, this sleek 43-inch Android TV with Ultra-HD display, Dolby Digital Tru-Surround Sound, Certified Android and voice-controlled remote makes quite a mark. You would think that a TV model with such high-end features would have a high-end price. Well, you’re not wrong in thinking that- if you look for a similar specs TV from other brands like SonyorLG, it would easily cost you more than Rs. 40,000. However, this MarQ by Flipkart variant is available for just Rs.29,999! Too good to be true right?

With this disruptive pricing from MarQ by Flipkart, you truly get to make the most of a quality product with no compromise. So this festive season, if you are looking to upgrade your TV viewing experience, this MarQ by Flipkart product is the best fit for you at an incredible price.

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