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Today's Horoscope: Know What the Stars Have in Store for You on February 28

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Here is how the day is likely going to be on the last day of February.

Aries: You are likely to spend all your time with your friends and family as love will be a delightful thing for you today.

Taurus: You may have a thoughtful and rewarding day today. If things do work in your favour, you do not need to get upset as things will change for the better.

Gemini: You will be filled up with emotions today and may find yourself refuge in activities related to religion. Those who are in the retail business or are moneylenders will find their cash registers ringing.

Cancer: Today, something like a breakthrough or a seemingly innocuous accident can happen which will have the capacity to turn your life.

Leo: You are advised to take a break from the usual routine as a little change can help you recharge your batteries. If you are a parent, your children's achievements will make you proud. The day will be great for you on the financial front.

Virgo: You will be busy solving your family matters today. On the work front, your power of persuasion can help you get pending work done.

Libra: You can get a bit tense by the afternoon because of your peers and approaching deadlines. However, you will prefer meditating to get some peace back in your life.

Scorpio: You will be able to manage your work and commitments with ease today. You will get a lot of opportunities on the work front later in the day. You are advised to take a break and relax when the stress begins to pile up.

Sagittarius: Your company will be enjoyed by your colleagues today and you are advised to polish your social skills as by afternoon, it might turn out to be a carnival of people.

Capricorn: You will face challenges and pressure while meeting the deadlines and achieving set targets.

Aquarius: Today, it seems the luck will not be in your favour. You are advised to be patient to help tide over difficult situations.

Pisces: You are likely to receive or give surprises today. On the work front, your business partners can bring you some good news.

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