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Today's Horoscope: Pisces to have a Busy Day; See What Others Have in Store

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Aries: The communications skills you have will be proving to be of great benefit for you as it will be helping to achieve things today. The day can even bring you monetary benefits. However, stay cautious towards your health and fitness as you can get injuries.
Taurus: You are likely to be in a negative frame of mind today and may feel like spending some time with your family and friends.

Gemini: Today, you can feel nostalgic and may get attracted by intellectual pursuits.
Cancer: You are likely to learn and gain from your seniors and elders. A supporting hand from your siblings and peers will be by your side.

Leo: The day will prove to be good for financial gains however, you are advised to keep a check on your expenses.
Virgo: You will feel passionate today. Those who are in a government job will have an inspiringly assenting day. You can also expect some praise from the superiors.

Libra: Concerns for your family can leave you a bit tense today. You are likely to complete all the works you will undertake for the day.
Scorpio: You will be completing all your pending tasks today. Planning for an outing with your loved ones by the evening is possible.

Sagittarius: You will be spending money on home décor, paintings or artefacts today. Pan and then implement your ideas to make the day easier.
Capricorn: You are likely to feel lost because of the emotions that are locked up inside you. However, it will be easy to come out of it and you will get back to pursuing your goals.

Aquarius: Today is the day when you will prove yourself by staying ahead of your rivals, and receiving lots of admirations.
Pisces: The day will prove to be a bit busy and hectic as you will be corresponding with old contacts, telephonic interviews, organising meetings and scheduling tasks.

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