Top 10 Productivity Extensions for Chrome Web Browser

Top 10 Productivity Extensions for Chrome Web Browser

Here are some helpful extensions for Chrome browser that might make your life a bit easier.

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  • Last Updated: September 29, 2019, 9:53 PM IST
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There are limitless ways to enhance your Google Chrome experience with Chrome extensions which offer a lot of interesting features, from finding coupons for online-shopping to correcting your unintentional grammar mistakes or typos.

Here are some great Chrome extensions you might be missing out on.

1. Todoist

Forgot about an important meeting this week? Or may'be you don’t remember about a college assignment which is due. Well, Todolist has got you covered. It's a simple to-do list made for you to be more productive and be stress-free. You can sleep peacefully knowing that Todoist has got your back!

2. AdBlock

Whether you’re watching a video on YouTube or browsing through your favorite websites, pop-up, un-shippable videos and distracting ads can be annoying and ruin your experience. But what if there was an easy solution for it? The answer is AdBlock! We’re pretty sure you’ve heard of AdBlock before and might be a user already but did you know that this extension not only blocks those irritating ads but also keeps those websites from tracking you.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is your real-time “grammar” assistant that also helps out with spell checks and typos. Think of Grammarly as a backup proofreader that corrects your grammatical mistakes. This is a must-have extension for bloggers, content and copywriters, business professional, online editors and students.

4. Honey

Need a coupon while shopping online? Honey is a Chrome extension that finds the best deals online so you can get the best price and save money. It automatically applies coupons or promo codes for you and finds the best price on websites like Amazon.

Saving money was never easier online!

5. Care your Eyes

Care your Eyes is one of the most useful extension when you’re working late on your laptop. During the wee hours, Care your Eyes automatically switches to its night mode and protect your eyes from harsh light coming from your computer screen.

Care your Eyes offers custom settings of the background and font colours as well as the intensity of white light.

6. Ghostery

This one is an online privacy protector and shows web browsing trackers. In the 21st century, your data is one of the most important things and Ghostery helps you to protect your privacy against websites and allows you to decide who you want to share your data with.

By blocking trackers it can also help to speed up your browsing speed.

7. Onetab

Do you find yourself opening too many tabs and slowing your PC’s speed? Now, with click of a button OneTab extension converts all of the tabs into a list. The best thing about OneTab is that you can save up to 95% of your memory for faster web browsing and speeds up your PC by reducing the load on the CPU.

8. LastPassogle

We all know that using different passwords is a vital part of online privacy, but when it comes to remembering something like k@ti!f2p, it is often tempting to use ‘password’ as your password instead.

LastPass solves all of these problems, it creates a different password for every site and saves it behind an encrypted wall, and it’ll automatically fill your logins. All you need to do is just remember a single master password, and LastPass takes care of the rest!

9. Pushbullet

It is no secret that the notification sound from your smartphone can be distracting, especially when you’re at work. Here come in Pushbullet, this Chrome extension puts all of you messaging services into the web browser so you don’t have to open your phone again and again just to reply ‘haha’ on WhatsApp.

One of the best features about Pushbullet is that it dismisses all the notifications on your handset if you clear them on your desktop.

10. CrxMouse Gestures

CrxMouse Gestures creates mouse shortcuts for various tab functions and increase your productivity. It is a very useful extension which helps you speed up your browsing. Whether it is opening or closing a tab, navigating back and forth tab history, CrxMouse Gestures has got you covered.

Bonus: Google Arts & Culture

In love with art but hate going to overly-crowded and boring museums? The easy solution is our personal favourite Chrome extension – Google Arts & Culture extension.

This extension bring you all the masterpieces – from Da Vinci to Claude Monet to Michelangelo, to you PC screen, as well as check out contemporary works from street artists around the world.

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