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Tweet Review: MI4, first day, first show

By: Jhinuk Sen


Last Updated: December 15, 2011, 15:07 IST

Tweet Review: MI4, first day, first show

A tweet review of the most awaited action film of the year.

New Delhi: 'Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol', the fourth in the hugely successful series, hit the Indian theatres on Thursday. Actor Anil Kapoor, who had made his foray into Hollywood with the Oscar-winning movie 'Slumdog Millionaire' (2008) by Danny Boyle, has a cameo role in the Tom Cruise starrer.

The film, directed by Brad Bird, also features Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Paula Patton. It was released in India on December 16. Kapoor plays the character of Brijnath, a business tycoon and playboy in the film. IBNLive's Jhinuk Sen is catching the first day, first show of MI4 and live tweeting from the theatre!

3:16 PM: IBNLive's Jhinuk Sen is live tweeting the first day, first show of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol! Watch this space.

3:20 PM: What started as a TV series has reached its fourth movie. #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:24 PM: MI4 is currently one of the most successful Hollywood franchises. And the show is all set to begin! #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:25 PM: Compared to Ethan Hunt, all other Tom Cruise avatars have been only marginally successful @sonamakapoor #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:26 PM: The film starts with a prison break with a classic Hollywood flavour. There is no stopping agent Hunt! #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:27 PM: Finally the familiar Mission Impossible theme we all know and love! #MissionImpossible4 #MissionImpossibleGhostProtocol #MI4

3:31 PM: Ethan Hunt rescues a hairy Russian. Hollywood has its prototypes. #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:32 PM: This tweet will NOT self destruct in five minutes! Now on screen, the classic line! #MissionImpossible4 #TweetReview

3:34 PM: 20 mins into Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol: Sleek action, sleeker technology. They make espionage look so cool. #MI4 #TweetReview

3:35 PM: A file with Russian nuclear launch codes is lost by IMF in a recovery op. Time to get it back. #MI4 #TweetReview

3:36 PM: Infiltrate the Kremlin to recover the real identity of Cobalt. Makes sense? No? Make sure you catch the movie. #MI4 #TweetReview

3:37 PM: Ethan Hunt goes undercover as a Russian officer. Salt and pepper mustache and all! #MI4 #TweetReview

3:38 PM: They make code cracking look like tic tac toe. Eagerly awaiting Anil Kapoor. @sonamakapoor @GhostProtocol @TomCruise.com #MI4 #TweetReview

3:44 PM: Guess what the agents do to distract the guards inside Kremlin? Make sounds of dripping water. @GhostProtocol @TomCruise #MI4 #TweetReview

3:46 PM: Wait! Someone is piggybacking their frequency. Off goes the Russian uniform, out comes a Bruce Springsteen T-shirt. #MI4 #TweetReview

3:48 PM: The blast is blamed on the IMF. Obviously. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4

3:37 PM: And..the huge moment! Kremlin has been blown up. The Russian symbol of grandiose in rubble and Hunt in hospital. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview

3:49 PM: How do you feel so far, a movie you plan to catch this weekend? @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4 @TomCruise

3:50 PM: Given his age, Tom Cruise is in spectacular shape. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4 @TomCruise

3:54 PM: Hunt draws the Cobalt's picture on his hand with a pen. Impressed. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4 @TomCruise

3:55 PM: IMF gets disbanded and Ghost Protocol declared. Hunt is declared a rogue fugitive. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4 @TomCruise

3:56 PM: Your mission, should you choose to accept it...seems like the Matrix. @GhostProtocol #TweetReview #MI4 @TomCruise

4:02 PM: Ethan Hunt is trying to keep up with a train and subjected to a retina scan, quite entertaining. #TweetReview #MI4

4:03 PM: Nuclear war has a place in the natural order only if it affects all equally, thinks Cobalt. #TweetReview #MI4

4:04 PM: What remains of the IMF is off to the Arab Emirates. Some stunning sites coming up. #TweetReview #MI4

4:08 PM: The Burj Khalifa sparkles like a spear in the sun...IMF gets moving. 130th floor needs to be breached from the outside. Tough. #MI4

4:09 PM: Blue is glue, red is dead. As easy as it comes. Hunt becomes Spiderman, only in cooler MI4 style. #TweetReview #MI4

4:12 PM: Hunt scales the Burj Khalifa with one hand-mind you! Bollywood can you beat this? #TweetReview #MI4

4:16 PM: And if scaling the tallest building was not enough...Hunt runs down the glass wall. MI 4 is insane! #TweetReview #MI4

4:17 PM: Intermission...ladies and gentlemen MI4 has not disappointed yet

4:27 PM: And... we are back after intermission! No diamonds, no codes. Deal? #TweetReview #MI4 #MissionImpossible

4:30 PM: The very stylish Hollywood actress Paula Patton essays the role of a secret agent - Jane Carter alongside Tom in the film. #TweetReview #MI4

4:33 PM: The 1st 2 Mission Impossible movies made a combined $1 billion at global box offices. 3rd film's US box office reached $134 mn. #MI4

4:35 PM: As the Russian police catch up, Ethan Hunt runs with a sandstorm behind him. Whoa. Full marks for action. #TweetReview #MI4

4:35 PM: Back to the film: contract killers and diamonds. Hollywood can make revenge look real. Diamonds in a tea cup. Stellar. #TweetReview #MI4

4:38 PM: As the film unfolds, the audiences are loving MI4. Following Mission Impossible III, Paramount cut its film production ties with Cruise.

4:41 PM: No one makes car chases better than the MI franchise. A car chase in a raging dust storm almost transports you to the UAE. #TweetReview #MI4

4:42 PM: Oh shoot! The codes are lost again as the plot thickens. #TweetReview #MI4

4:47 PM: Ethan's past comes up. Some secrets are there for a reason. #TweetReview #MI4

4:50 PM: Independent defence coordinator or arms dealer? Take your pick. #TweetReview #MI4

4:51 PM: And we are going Mumbai!!! Anil Kapoor...chin up! #TweetReview #MI4 @sonamakapoor

4:52 PM: "...for your government a potential terrorist is a terrorist," says a Russian arms dealer to Hunt. #TweetReview #MI4

4:54 PM: A beautiful morning shot of Mumbai welcomes IMF to India. And yes, sexy cars! @sonamakapoor #TweetReview #MI4

4:54 PM: All, say hello to Brijnath! A playboy and mercenary. @sonamakapoor #TweetReview #MI4

5:02 PM: "This is Pluto. I have arrived at the party, get us that code!" #TweetReview #MI4

5:04 PM: "Impressed yet?" asks Brijnath after a lot of expensive wine. "I'm more of a bourbon girl", pat comes the reply. #TweetReview @sonamakapoor

5:05 PM: Cobalt is on his way to the satellite, while Brijnath flirts shamelessly with Carter. #TweetReview #MI4 @sonamakapoor

5:07 PM: The Sun Network transformed into a server to reprogramme the satellite. Cobalt has taken over the Sun Network to control the satellite. #MI4

5:08 PM: "So Jao," says Carter to Brijnath after tranquilizing him. A car chase through Mumbai. Movie is heating up! #TweetReview #MI4 @sonamakapoor

5:09 PM: Proceed with operation Iron Fist....and the nuclear missile is released! #TweetReview #MI4 @sonamakapoor

5:15 PM: A super classy fight sequence for the silver briefcase in the parking lot. #TweetReview #MI4

5:16 PM: The world is saved by a whisker! Well done Ethan Hunt! #TweetReview #MI4

5:16 PM: Even with a nuclear missile about to hit Earth, Hunt does not forget the seat belt! :) #TweetReview #MI4

5:17 PM: Back in Seattle, mission accomplished, no longer impossible I guess. #TweetReview #MI4

5:20 PM: MI 5 possible? well, why not? #TweetReview #MI4

5:20 PM: The only thing that functioned during the mission, was the team, says Hunt. And hands out the next mission. #TweetReview #MI4

5:23 PM: And since Cruise is ready for action till 50, let's bring on some more missions! #TweetReview #MI4

5:24 PM: Hood pulled up and next mission on the phone, Cruise walks away. #TweetReview #MI4

5:25 PM: This message will self destruct in 5 seconds. Go catch your own impossible missions. #TweetReview #MI4

first published:December 15, 2011, 15:07 IST
last updated:December 15, 2011, 15:07 IST