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Video referrals to stay at Hockey World Cup

Video referrals to stay at Hockey World Cup

The International Hockey Federation will continue using video umpire referrals.

New Delhi: The International Hockey Federation (FIH) will continue the use of video umpire team referrals at the Hero Honda FIH World Cup, beginning from February 28.

Under the current procedure, umpires may refer decisions to the video umpire when they are not convinced that they have taken, or are able to take, the correct decision relating to the awarding or disallowing goals, FIH said in a statement on Friday.

In addition, and on the basis of the trial that was undertaken at the ABN AMRO Champions Trophy in Melbourne, Australia at the end of last year, each team will be allowed one team referral during the match (i.e. including any extra time periods and penalty stroke competitions).

If a referral is upheld, the referring team will retain its right of referral.

There is a slight change to the video umpire procedures following the Melbourne trials.

"Now any player, who is on the pitch at the time of the incident (rather than just the captain), can request a team referral. The player must indicate to the umpire that he wishes to use his referral. He must do so immediately after the incident or decision which is to be referred as well as confirming this verbally to the umpire," FIH said.

The umpire will then request video umpire assistance and relay the necessary information by radio. The normal video umpire procedures will then be followed.

Ken Read, FIH Competitions Committee Chairman and Hero Honda FIH World Cup Tournament Director, said: "We learned a lot about the team referral procedures in Melbourne. As a result we are confident that our experience from the Champions Trophy will help ensure that the system will be of real assistance in reducing any major umpiring errors which may impact upon the result of matches"

The team referrals trial provide for a wider range of referral possibilities than for the umpire referrals, but are restricted to decisions within the 23-meter area relating to the award (or non-award) of goals, penalty strokes and penalty corners.

The award of personal penalty cards may not be the subject of a team referral.

first published:February 12, 2010, 17:42 IST