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Virgin Tree Puja: Why The Decades Old Ritual is Dividing Students in Delhi’s Hindu College

Feb 14, 2019 09:20 PM IST India India

Every year on Valentine’s Day, students from the prestigious Hindu College’s boys’ hostel flock around the ‘Virgin Tree’ on the college campus. They worship a Bollywood female actor as Damdami Mai with her poster stuck to the tree. The students of the college also adorn the tree with condoms. The ritual is believed to bring ‘good luck’ with the students who participate in it ‘falling in love within the next six months and losing their virginity in the next one year’.
However the female students are demanding an end to this ritual. They say that the puja reeks of male masculinity and promotes ‘objectification of women’. News18 spoke to students on both sides of the divide to know more about the controversy and why the issue is taking a political colour.