3 Easy Tips to De-Clutter Your Bedroom Today

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Image: Getty images

A clean bedroom has a calming effect on our senses.

Home is the place that relaxes, rejuvenates and refuels you. There’s a stark difference in the homes of people who are depressed or stressed and the ones that are brimming with vigour and positivity. The homes of the formers are generally cluttered and dusty, while the latter lot mostly maintains clean and organized interiors, if not pristine.

As per a research conducted at the Princeton University, a cluttered home environment depletes creative thinking and spikes stress levels. Several other studies have shown how clutter adds to visual stimuli of our brain and debilitates its function. De-cluttering your home is not just a chore to organize the outers but also to organize our mental health as well as physical health that a clean home facilitates.

If you feel your home is too cluttered to be cleaned in one go. Then as per Kondo experts, your bedroom should be the first place to start with, as that’s where we sleep to de-stress and a clean bedroom has a calming effect on our senses that promote deep sleep. Your sleep is crucial for your mental and physical wellbeing. A person who sleeps 6 to 8 hours in a clean environment, tends to enjoy strong immunity, lean mass and sharp thinking.

Here are 3 ways you can de-clutter your bedroom as per the KonMari technique of organizing:

1. Clothes

Take out each piece of clothing from your closet and ask if you really need it and does it make you happy. The answer should be a clear Yes or a No. By the end of the exercise, take the clothes you no more need and donate. The experience will free up your soul via detachment while spring-cleaning your bedroom, instantly.

2. Sequence

The next step towards organizing the clothes you’ve kept in your closet, is to arrange them in a sequence as per the color – from dark shades to light. It eases the morning chaos while having a calming effect on your mind.

3. Clean Linen & Fresh Scent

Marie Kondo suggests washing your bedroom linen often and keeping fresh scent in your bedroom. It feels spa-like, you’d say. And you’re right! The point is to relax your mind, to de-stress and to keep calm and get a good night’s sleep!

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