5 Daily Habits that maintain Hormonal Balance

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Good daily habits to upkeep hormonal balance in your body.

Hormonal imbalance has taken the world of women by storm. From unwanted hair on face, chin and neck, to heavy menstrual periods, from mood fluctuations to constant fatigue, from diabetes to obesity; hormones like thyroid, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, amongst others are hugely responsible to an ageing woman’s health woes. It becomes essential in the late twenties or early thirties to monitor different hormone levels to steer clear of hormonal issues. And it takes simple self-care and good daily habits to upkeep hormonal balance in your body. Let’s take a look how:

1. Clean Eating

Stay close to nature to enjoy a plethora of health benefits and steer clear of health perils of processed foods. Track your food intake each day via an app or journal and see how by just becoming mindful of your eating habits makes you eat clean.

2. Hydrate

Keep yourself hydrated not just with water, but aim at drinking veggies for breakfast by making smoothies to consume the power of antioxidants, carry a bottle of water with fruits infused in it, or grab coconut water on the go. Staying hydrated is like saying goodbye to untimely hunger pangs, premature ageing, inflammation, and gut issues.

3. Belly Breathing

Practice deep breathing through the day to oxygenate every nook and cranny of your body and your mind too. Belly breathing also helps tone your belly muscles, that (a lean belly) promotes good health.

4. Stay Active

Be it sparing 30 minutes for a walk or an hour in the gym, taking staircase, stretching at home or office, dancing with your little darling or joining a salsa class with your partner, Stay Active and pump life in your lungs to take control over your body functions including hormones.

5. Stress Less

Lastly, stress is the major cause of health issues, be it mental health or physical, and the only solution is to stress less. Do not let events, circumstances or people around you take your sanity away. Remember, a cool mind has more power to solve problems than a stressed soul.

  • First Published: March 16, 2018, 14:07 IST
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