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5 Foods You Must Avoid at Late Night

Image for the representational purpose only (Photo: Reuters)

Image for the representational purpose only (Photo: Reuters)

Avoid these food items at night!

Eating late night is ok when hunger pangs strike and don’t let you sleep, or you are returning from a long journey; however, eating right is the key to eat anytime during the day or night. While you may be tempted to eat a scoop or two from the ice-cream tub or chomp on leftover chicken salad, it’s important to eat the right thing so that it doesn’t interfere with your health goals. Here’s a list of 5 foods that you must avoid eating late night:

1. Sugary Foods

Excess sugar and simple carbs can wreak havoc on your sleep as it gives you an instant release of energy; leaving you feel all the more awake. Avoid eating chocolate cakes, cookies or desserts – the most common options for late night snacking.

2. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can upset your stomach and combine with gastric juices that can make you feel acidic. Avoid spicy curries, hot sauce, and even pickles late night.

3. Red Meat

Red meat takes time to digest and if you are thinking of lying down after gorging on red meat, then be prepared for unease. Rather opt for lean meats like chicken or turkey, however, that too in moderation.

4. Fatty Foods

Fatty foods like ice-creams, cheesy cakes/sandwiches/dishes, fast food, etc are better avoided at late night. Remember your stomach cannot digest all the fat load while you slumber. You’ll wake up severely fatigued the next morning. Steer clear from drive-thru cheeseburgers and French fries too.

5. Caffeine

Aerated drinks especially should be avoided as they can trigger heartburn with its high-sugar, high-caffeine and high-calories content. Also, whether its cola, coffee or a chocolate bar - all of them contain large amounts of caffeine that can disrupt your sleep.

  • First Published: April 4, 2018, 14:00 IST
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