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Coffee Addiction: The Cons of Drinking Too Much Coffee

Representative Image. (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Representative Image. (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Are you going gaga over coffee recently?

Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can awaken your senses as much as your eyes and brain. Sipping your cuppa in the afternoon brings back alertness. However, drinking coffee late can cause sleep issues. Like the two sides of a coin, Coffee too comes with its own set of pros and cons. While everyone around you is seen going gaga about Coffee (including us), let’s delve through some downsides of drinking too much coffee!

1. Stress Levels

Too much coffee simply means a lot of caffeine, which in turn raises cortisol, aka stress levels. While your cup of coffee can give you an instant boost in mood, however consuming strong coffee has bad after-effects on your mood. Coffee addiction can lead to anxiety as well as restlessness.

2. Dehydration

An increased intake of coffee can dehydrate your body and show up as dullness of skin, rough patches on your face or fatigue.

3. Heartburn

Being a caffeinated beverage, coffee increases acidic levels in your stomach. While when taken in moderation this can aid digestion, however, problems like heartburn arise when you indulge in too much java or drink it usually empty stomach.

4. Stomach Ulcers

If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee every single day and experience severe pain in your stomach but do not know the reason “why”, then it could be the onset of stomach ulcers due to the damaged coffee can inflict on the lining your GI tract. Forgo coffee for a few weeks and see if there’s improvement.

5. Headaches & Hallucinations

The Continuous presence of caffeine in our body can increase your heart rate as well as stimulate your central nervous system. This effect accompanied with dehydration can cause a constant headache while elevated adrenaline level and caffeine overdose can lead to hallucinations while sleeping at night or make you jittery.

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