Time to Munch on these 5 Spring Foods to Shed Weight

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Image for representation.

Stock these 5 spring summer foods to lose kilos fast.

Spring-Summer is here and while we all love to flaunt the maxis, dresses, skirts and shorts, we cannot stop whining at the extra flab we’ve accumulated around our waist during winters. However, the season comes with its own army of weight loss plan. Let’s delve and stock these 5 spring summer foods to fasten losing the kilos rendered by winter indulgence.

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are filled with water and fiber. They give a refreshing neutral taste and must be chomped on with lunch and dinner to keep yourself hydrated and treat your digestive tract with fiber and gut with pre-biotics.

2. Watermelon

Watermelons are a great treat to satiate your sweet palette while giving you a load of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and lot of water. Watermelon fills you up while quenching your thirst and keeping you away from bad snacking.

3. Zucchini

Zucchini is a low-calorie vegetable, alkaline in nature and aids weight loss. You can use it to blend smoothies or cook sabzi for lunch and dinner. It is high in dietary fiber besides being rich in vitamins and minerals.

4. Green Iced Tea with Lemons

The best way to sip in green tea in summers is to have it cold with lemon juice and honey. Rather than opting for a cola or sugary beverage, make your own tumbler of icy cold Lemon Green Tea.

5. Greek Yogurt

Munching on Greek Yogurt during summers keeps you cool while making for a great alternative for ice creams. Mix in berries for that added punch of sweet-tangy flavour and antioxidants to your low-fat Greek Yogurt.

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