Life Post Cancer: How Things Change

Image for representation only.

Image for representation only.

Talking to some cancer survivors, we found out what worked for them and how the journey from being a victim to being a survivor progressed.

Lots of things have been written on how to deal with cancer or what it takes to help a cancer patient. But rarely do people talk about what happens post cancer. Does life fall back into the usual routine? What about the constant fear of cancer coming back? These are the questions that run on loop for a cancer patient but little is spoken about it.

Talking to some cancer survivors, we found out what worked for them and how the journey from being a victim to being a survivor progressed. The following pointers can help both the caregivers as well as the patients equally, making the fight bearable.

There will be a new "normal"

The truth is that life doesn't just go back to being "normal". Speaking to Mr. Kapoor, whose father survived mouth cancer, we realized that cancer doesn't go away. "Cancer hit my father again after one year, but then this is the reality. Cancer never goes away and accepting this is the key", he said. Changes in the daily routine were brought about for the betterment of Sr. Kapoor's health and this became the new normal. Every patient finds a new way of living life; it might take time but eventually all survivors find their new normal.

Journaling helps heal the soul

Both the caregivers and the patients want to talk about the troubles which is not always possible. However, journaling can help people vent out all the pain and sufferings. It's even proven that regular writing helps us connect better to our mind and body, thereby initiating a healing process. Mrs. Shetty is a survivor who not only beat cancer but also published a book after recovery. She said "journaling helped me though my trying times. With the encouragement of my daughter, I began to write poems when I was overwhelmed".

Financial support is necessary

All diseases, especially life threatening ones like cancer are expensive. Paying for the monthly check-ups post the battle burns a hole and it's only sensible to ensure you have a good financial covering. Mrs. Shetty, the survivor explained that financial support along with physical support from her husband and family was crucial to pull through. She said that only when the money was taken care of, the right treatment possible. Therefore, it's essential to financially cover our loved ones. If cancer runs in the family then a cancer plan is a must. Aditya Birla Health Insurance's cancer plan can help with all these needs.

Pay attention to your body

In this fast paced world, it's essential for everyone to opt for a better lifestyle but more importantly for caregivers and patients is to avoid stress. Miss Ritika, a survivor expressed "stress can trouble you, that's what actually aggregated my cancer!" She also urged us to spread the message that we must take note of the subtle messages our body gives us. These messages will help beat cancer and never let it relapse again.

The bottom line for all cancer survivors and caregivers is to understand that cancer changes your life for the better! The battle would've been tough but looking at life positively will help give hope to others. Miss Ritika gave us something to ponder over when she said, "I look at it as god's gift to me, a second chance to rethink and relive my life".

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