1 Trait Every Parent Must Shed in 2018

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Overly care and cautiousness comes with its own downsides!

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No one can love a child like her parents and with this utmost love comes care - comes insecurity. That’s where parents start being overprotective of their children, keeping a close eye on what they do, guiding them at each step so they don’t hurt themselves. However, this overly care and cautiousness leads to a trait called Helicopter parenting, which comes with its own downsides.

You must know that you are a helicopter parent when you are running behind your child when he plays outdoors, to avoid a ‘what if he falls?’ situation. Your child has turned 7 to 8 years and you still fear to remove the training wheels off his cycle. You feel intimidated thinking about what your child would be doing on an excursion trip. You interfere in his daily chats or nags with his friends, every time you meet his teacher, you pester her with questions on his performance at school or seek tips on how to improve his performance and so on.

Helicopter parenting is usually born out of our own worries and fears but limit your child’s potential. A child who’s been a victim of helicopter parenting lacks confidence, stays back from experimenting and lacks problem-solving skills in the long run.

Therefore, in the upcoming year, let’s shed this 1 trait and help our child feel free and let him be himself/herself. Don’t raise a prince or a princess, raise a son or a daughter who is not risk avert, who has the confidence to try things on his/her own, let him solve social problems with his friends himself and let him try and attempt the essays and equations on his own.

As a parent, your role is to instill self-belief in your child and let him follow his instinct. Be there to pick him up if a roadblock comes his way, but don’t make the road of life a cakewalk by removing the roadblocks

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