3 Ideas To Boost Sibling Bonding Among Your Kids!

Representative Image: Getty Images

Representative Image: Getty Images

Our job as parents is to resist taking sides, which increases sibling rivalry.

Sibling rivalry is common among children. But being parents, it is our duty to try our best to make this rivalry as controlled as possible because it will help boost up bonding among siblings. If you find yourself helpless in boosting sibling bonding due to increasing rivalry among them, then follow these 3 tips and see how smartly you handle your kids.

1. Let them Learn to Resolve Their Conflicts

It is easy to jump in quickly to resolve conflicts among your kids as soon as they arise and pass on your judgment, but it hardly works. Rather than falling into the conflicts of your kids, it is better to watch them out from a distance and avoid involving until the situation really needs you. Moreover, when your kids bring their issues to you, make sure to listen to both of them properly and resolve the concern with proper questioning and try to find a good solution to end up the conflict in the most impartial way.

2. Be Fair To Prevent Rivalry

Generally, the expectations of parents from elder child develop when a young one comes in their life. On the arrival of a new baby, parents start expecting a mature behaviour from the elder one. But, at this point, they forget that whether the child is older yet he/she is a child. Therefore, rather than expecting too much from him, it is better to act fairly while dealing with them. Whether it is a thing or a duty, be very fair while giving your verdict or assigning anything to them.

3. Encourage Empathy

Do not force your children to share everything with their siblings, but try to offer good opportunities as it will encourage them for self-regulated turns. In addition, be very mindful of your words when you deal with your kids because your words can encourage or discourage sibling rivalry to a great extent.

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