5 Budget-Pieces to Save Yourself from Remodelling Your Kitchen

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Add these ideas to your kitchen decor!

Your kitchen is probably the place you put your heart and soul into while cooking. A messy kitchen doesn’t let those creative juices flow while a beautiful kitchen is all the more inviting and adds to the overall décor of your interiors. However, it’s often the cash crunch that makes a homemaker defer her plans to redefine her kitchen. But worry not, here’s a list of 5 budget-friendly pieces that can amp up an outdated kitchen without the need of remodelling it:

1. Chalkboard

An old-school chalkboard doesn’t only accentuate the interiors of your kitchen, but also helps you organize meal plans, list what is out of stock, and cite a good quote or two (emoticons?). It will add that country casual look.

2. Recipe Book

While investing in recipe books is good for you; however, why not create one of your own. There are so many healthy recipes available on the internet and with your fit-foodies friend circle, take notes or get printables or create a photo-journal of Instagram stories, it’s a keepsake and one that you must flaunt.

3. Vertical Garden

A vertical garden of kitchen herbs like coriander, mint, fenugreek, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme, sage and so on, is a must have and doubles as décor too. If a vertical garden isn’t feasible, use the ubiquitous window sill to add health and flavour to your cuisines.

4. Pendant Light

You don’t need to invest thousands for a pendant light. Surf the internet or strike a good deal at a local store to buy a pendant light that can glorify your kitchen in the blink of an eye.

5. A Runner or Rug

A rug or runner in front of the sink keeps you kitchen tidy while adding zing to the boring white marble or floor tiles. Choose the color wisely and go bold with bright shades that’ll soak up water without looking grubby.

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