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5 Rewards that Impact Big On Children and Cost Almost Nothing

A little token of appreciation may not hurt!

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: June 26, 2018, 10:50 AM IST
5 Rewards that Impact Big On Children and Cost Almost Nothing (Image: PTI)
Reward mechanism is a crucial part of positive parenting. However, some parents take it completely wrong by resorting to expensive rewards, unhealthy rewards and rewards that spoil your child. The rewards mechanism according to psychologists is a token of appreciation for your children in lieu of good behavior, discipline, good marks or any other positive outcome. Here’s a list of 5 Rewards that leave a big impact on your child’s happiness and self-confidence and doesn’t cost a dime.

1. A Grizzly Hug

A 60 seconds tight hug to your child triggers all happiness hormones in both of you, leaving the child happier and walking out with pride. Some kind words act like a cherry on the cake.

2. A Handmade Card

A handmade card with special words can make a wonderful keepsake for your child. A little flower from your garden makes for a beautiful company too.

3. A Surprise Cake

A surprise in the form of your child’s favorite cake or dessert also goes a long way in appreciating and celebrating his achievement or act of kindness with the entire family.

4. A Trip to the Ice-Cream Parlor

A post-dinner trip to the ice-cream parlour in summers will make everyone thank your little girl for the treat she earned with her outstanding behavior.

5. A Promise

Lastly, big achievements require special rewards but at times we don’t have time to reward our children immediately. In that case, make a promise, put it on a paper star and hand it over to your boy/girl. Mention a date and live up to your promise to reinstate their trust in your words.
First Published: June 26, 2018, 10:50 AM IST


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