5 Safety Tips to Welcome the New Year Unhurt!

(Representative Image: Getty Images)

(Representative Image: Getty Images)

Enter the new year happy and safe!

New Year’s Eve is the night when the biggest parties of the year happen, and ironically one of the days when maximum crimes and alcohol/accident related deaths are also reported.

Now as much as we love treating ourselves to a great time with our best friends, there is also a need to tread with caution. Here are 5 Safety 101s that ensure that you enter a new phase unhurt:

1. Know Your Location

If you are holidaying at a new place, then ensure you know the routes well that take you back to your hotel. Instances of cab drivers playing foul pop-up every single day.

2. Pre-plan Your Ride

As per various reports, most of the drink and drive accidents occur during the holiday season and a handful of them also prove to be fatal. So, before you head out to paint the town red make adequate arrangements for your ride back home. You could hitch a ride with one of your non-drinking buddies or use Ola or Uber, however, since safety for women in India is an issue you might want to stick with the former, whatever you choose make sure you have it figured out before you head out. Do not drink and drive. On the other hand, if you happen to be buddying up with a friend who drinks, then please plan ahead how you are going to return to your hotel after the party (when your buddy loses his normal state).

3. Limit the Liquor

Alcohol apart from its long-term disadvantages also has some immediate cons. And at parties, once the alcohol game starts, there’s no end to it. Remember to avoid getting drunk on an empty stomach, don’t mix different alcohols and watch your pace while guzzling shots or pegs. Also, don’t get into peer pressure and end up drinking more than you can handle.

4. Social Media

The impulse to record and shout out to the world about your amazing night on social media is understandable; however, you should be cautious since you never know where a predator might be hiding to make a move, and serving your location and plans to them on a silver platter is not ideal. In addition to this, internet retains a permanent record of your activities and you never know who gets his hands on your updates and it may sabotage your personal or professional reputation.

5. Avoid Drunk-Walking

It is often advised that you must not drink and drive, however, the same thing applies to drunken-walking. You must absolutely avoid walking on the streets of your holiday destination or on the beach side late night after getting drunk, to avoid mishaps like an accident, getting kidnapped, robbed or even raped.

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