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5 Things Parents Must Adopt Today to raise Stable Kids

Here are five things you can adopt to enrich your kids with qualities of a great life.

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| Contributor Content| UPDATED: April 23, 2018, 5:04 PM IST
5 Things Parents Must Adopt Today to raise Stable Kids Representative Image: Getty Images
Kids tend to get on our nerves every day resulting in chaotic battles of control where both sides strive to prove their point at the loudest of pitches. That’s not how your home environment should be. You’d agree! However, how can we raise kids that adjust well and adapt better to make your home a place full of love, respect, empathy, kindness and total support? These words may or may not fully resonate with your kids as of now, but here are five things you can adopt to enrich them with these qualities of a great life and raise them as stable, unwavering beings. Let’s delve:

1. Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries may sound dogmatic however it is the first step towards achieving peace at home. Set the correct expectations with your children by listing down the daily rules and routines. They may scream or threaten in the beginning but in a week’s time, you’ll see how well they adapt to your boundaries.

Pro Tip – Set boundaries like a wall – rigid and unmovable when it comes to basics like TV time, Study time, Meal time, Gadgets time, Play time, etc… Do not set your boundaries afire by being a swinging door that sometimes allows and sometimes not.

2. Sufficient Sleep

Kids process lot of information for the brain each day. The visual stimuli from Smartboards in the schools as well as TV & Smartphones at home, constantly feeds their brain. All of this can overwhelm your child’s brain and confuse him/her. Ensure your child gets sufficient sleep at night and even during the day to stabilize these neural connections. A well rested child is less cranky and edgy.

Pro Tip – If your child doesn’t sleep during the day then put him/her early to bed (9PM) so he can snooze for at least 9-10 hours and wake up with a smile.

3. Frequent Hugs

As per family therapists, your child needs atleast twelve hugs a day to develop well. The physical connect of a hug releases Oxytocin which directly boosts growth hormones like IGF-1 and NGF, besides strengthening the loving bond between you and your child. Remember, your child will argue less when you express the love you hold for him, more often.

4. Outdoor Play

Playing outdoors helps channelize your child’s energy, fill him with oxygen, and helps you both bond well. Take your child out for a game of badminton, football, basketball, skating, cycling, or anything else. If sparing 30 minutes is tough in your schedule, then go out for a walk post dinner or early morning.

5. Food

Lastly, food is an important factor that is responsible for your child’s behavior. The colas, donuts, lollypops, chocolates and sweets s/he consumes all day contains chemicals, colors and excess sugars that interfere with their hormones and makes them edgy. Limit your child’s junk food and sugar intake and see a big difference in his/her behavior. The age old saying, ‘you are what you eat’ holds true in case of children, give him cool fruits like watermelon, cucumber and other fresh fruits and salads to detoxify his body.
First Published: April 23, 2018, 5:04 PM IST


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