5 Things to Consider Before Welcoming Your Newborn

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Consider these 5 things before welcoming the little one.

Your baby is the most heavenly gift in your life. Amidst all things nice, good and loving; the reality hits the ground once you are discharged from the hospital and arrive home with a newborn. While you are recovering yourself from a natural or C-Section delivery, you have a huge responsibility to protect as well as nurture a little baby. Therefore, by the time you are in your last trimester, you must consider these 5 things, discuss the same with your partner or support system and make arrangements before you welcome your little bundle of joy home!

1. Your Health

Your health is prerequisite to your baby’s good health. Chalk out your eating plan wherein you know what you’ll be served after the delivery. Talk to your doctor and make arrangements accordingly. Know the best foods that’ll help you breastfeed your little baby abundantly. Make sure you take your recommended supplements on time to refuel your energy levels and recover fast.

2. Your Sleep

This is the most important thing to sort out with your family members or partner – whosoever will be your support system once the baby arrives. The age-old tradition of sleep with the baby holds best. Try to arrange for a nanny to help you out if you have not-so-cordial relations with your mother-in-law or if your mother cannot be there with you or if the one willing to be your support system is not in good state of health.

3. Meal Preparations

Your kitchen needs a clear office bearer in your absence. Sort out who is going to prepare all meals including yours on time every day. If you are delving on hiring a cook or house help then it’s better to hire her a month or two in advance so that she’s trained by the time you go on your maternity break.

4. Family Routine

If you already have a kid, then prepare him/her to be a bit independent and train him on doing basics like packing his bag, taking out his uniform and shoes at night, doing homework without much distraction, eating fruits on time for healthy snacking, etc. Similarly, train your husband too to be independent before the newborn occupies you completely.

5. Keeping Things Organized

Lastly, develop a habit in yourself and your family members to keep things organized at home. Assign places of keeping nail trimmers, medicines, toys, bed sheets, clothes + tiny clothes (socks, panties, etc). Similarly, organize everything in the kitchen, label boxes, assign compartments and shelves for related foods to keep chaos minimal.

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