5 Tips to Reduce Exam Stress for Our Children

(Image: PTI)

(Image: PTI)

Tips to ease March madness!

March is here and so is the exam fever. However to tackle the March Madness let us ensure we follow these 5 mantras and reduce exam stress for our children:

1. Kickstart the day with Healthy Breakfast that is rich in protein. You must include eggs, cottage cheese, veggies in your boy/girl’s breakfast along with a multigrain roti or bread. You must aim at serving the breakfast before 8 am to your child so s/he can get an instant boost of energy which can help him focus on studies while staying full and limiting anxiety/craving.

2. Before the clock hits 11am, serve a bowl of fresh fruit to your child to maintain blood sugar aka energy levels. Do not forget to give him/her a breather at this time. Ask him to spare 15 minutes outdoors and fill himself with fresh air, sunshine and chirpings of the birds.

3. Cook a healthy well-balanced Lunch that must include pulses, vegetables, curd and salad, along with roti/rice. Follow up with an evening snack and a light dinner.

4. Before your child goes off to sleep, spend 5 minutes together to discuss any issues, take another 5 minutes for deep breathing – breathe in through the nose/breathe out through the mouth. It will help clear his mind and won’t let the formulae and equations disturb his sleep.

5. Keep the home environment light, fun and loving. Do not let personal, emotional, financial or physical issues play a spoilsport during the most crucial time of your child’s academic career

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