5 Ways You Can Buddy-Up with your Partner and Burn More Calories

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Representative Image: © BraunS/Istock.com

Its time to hit the gym together!

Want to find some inspiration why you must buddy up with your partner? Here are seven reasons:

1. Go Running

Running is the most powerful yet easy cardio activity that can make you burn anywhere between 300-450 calories in net 30 minutes. If running around a park or in your city roads is not a feasible option, then hit the gym and get hold of two treadmills, albeit placed side by side.

2. Up the Game

If gymming is not what thrills you, then pick a sport like lawn tennis. Join a club and play singles or doubles, you’ll play mentally as well as physically and burn 200-300 calories in 30 minutes. If a lawn tennis court is not accessible, then grab a basketball and turn on the enigma with one-on-one basketball and burn from 250-350 calories in the same time.

3. Salsa

And for the ones who wish to rekindle romance besides burning fat, Salsa is the sassiest option. Salsa stimulates dopamine and gives you a high.

4. Take Yoga to the Next Level

If you are a pro-yoga enthusiast, then try Acroyoga aka Partner Yoga and try poses that will require a lot of coordination, strength and balance. However, you both must be thorough Yoga Experts first, to reach that next level.

5. Cycling

Each one of us has enjoyed cycling through city roads during our teenage. And cycling with your partner has a different thrill altogether. Get a great pair of wheels and start off every morning or evening. You’ll feel rejuvenated and rekindled in every sense.

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